10 Easy Snowboard Tricks (Cool & Weird)

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Uploaded 30/10/2017 @ 19:19 by 3tuwwR
Here are 10 Snowboard tricks that you wouldn't generally see in the park too often! Most of these tricks are quite easy to do as well so if you're a beginner or are fairly new to Snowboarding these tricks might just be the ones for you to learn!

Trick List:
1. Layback
2. Cossack
3. Tripod
4. Slow Miller Flip Thing
5. Early Grabs
6. Pivots
7. Wallies
8. Anything One Foot
9. Tail Blocks
10. Board Flip
Cardrona, New Zealand
Video Taken By
David Jones
Taken Date
August 2017
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