Snowbird: Pre Season Conditions Still Awesome

  Posted by 801 on 13/12/2010 @ 23:44
Resort / Country: Snowbird, USA | Visited 1191 times
Despite a nuking at the start of the season and an early opening. Temperatures have hovered around 40F (4c)
Got cron? Probably not. After a brief flurry on the mountain the other day temperatures have been sitting around 40F (4c) added with clear skies and sunshine. This has not bode too well for powder skiing unfortunatley. Today started the same but a film of grey cloud arrived filling Mineral Basin with flat light. The front side such as Road to Provo and Chips were all very decent though. A nuking at the start of the season plus very few guests mean the snow is still in top condition. Wind blown in places but soft and very little ice.Snow expected Tuesday night around 8"(20cm)
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