Silver Star: The season will be winding down all too soon

  Posted by Silver Star on 25/03/2009 @ 22:43
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Locals' day on the hill
It wasn't just the fresh snow, blue skies and the lack of crowds that made it great- we get more than our share of days like that in the season. If I had to describe it in a word it would be "camaraderie".

It seems it was just locals on the back side today (most of us getting on a bit!) and only a few of us had ever met before. We got on so well that we rode together for several hours, skiers and riders, shared our personal secret stashes, tried out new stuff (and laughed when we bailed in the attempt) and hit as many runs as our legs could take.

I even heard some snowboarder jokes I hadn't heard before from the skiers in the group.
"What do snowboarders use for birth control?" "Their personalities"
"If you see 4 snowboarders in a sedan, where are they going?" "To jail"

Although the season will soon wind down, it is days like this that refresh my interest in the sport. Even on my local hill there were spots that I'd never ridden before and it made everything seem almost new again.

New terrain to ride and new people to ride it with - can't ask for more just a couple of weeks before the lifts stop turning for the season. I can't tell you the top runs of the day though - I have been sworn to secrecy as they are not on the map!
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