Silver Star: Opening Day

  Posted by Silver Star on 29/11/2009 @ 20:54
Resort / Country: Silver Star, Canada | Visited 2049 times
The season started on November 27 with the best conditions I can remember for opening weekend.
I had only planned to go up and do a few turns to get the tendons stretched out and the gear sorted but the snow was so good (20 cm of fresh, absolutely dry powder) that I spend 5 hours on the hill.

Although only the front side (Vance Creek) and Silver Woods were open, the snow is continuing to fall and the base is now at 105 cm. This should mean that the back side (Putnam Creek) should open soon and all will be right with the world.

[mid week update> Got to ride again on Tuesday after giving the legs a couple of days rest. Another 10 cm of snow and conditions were great. -7, no wind and no one on the hill!
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