Mt. Hutt: First powder day of the season

  Posted by le_sloth on 04/07/2009 @ 10:00
Resort / Country: Mt. Hutt, New Zealand | Visited 2382 times
20cm light dry powder, bluebird, no wind and barely any people.
There had to be a reason for getting up so early and heading outside into the dark, wet morning. The forecast over the last few days had changed from 45cm to 2cm and back up again. Such an odd system sitting over the country I'll cut the Metservice some slack this time - hard to know what was gonna happen.

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The last 20km of roads gave me the FEAR - black ice/snow/fog and still people were overtaking. Fine, I'll drive like a grandad cos I'd rather ride the day than spend it in a ditch! Did see one gritter out, but he was clearly on a smoko (that's a tea break in English). Somehow my wee 2wd was only the 5th car up the mountain - stoked!

I'm not gonna lie - Mt Hutt often gets a fair bit of wind accompanying heavy snowfalls, but not this time. The south-easterly weather had dropped light, dry fluffy goodness all over the place. Hit up right under the lifts a few times, moved round to the sun over on Morning Glory, up to the top of Towers and over towards South Face. Some of that was still a bit variable, but another dump will sort it out. Looking back down to the car park and still only around 30 cars by 10am - very weird for a powder Friday. Rumour was that something had happened on the road.
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Virgin Mile (rider's left) was the best - face shots all the way. Plenty laps here, right up until testing the new helmet out in one of those "wtf just happened?" moves. Covered head-to-toe in neige, retreated for early lunch.
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The triple chair had started the day before, opening up another 1/3 of the mountain. Again, barely anyone on it. Got to be one of the bonuses of having a local mountain - always knowing where to find untracked stuff later in the day . Nice mellow open pow turns followed by steeps, mini chutes and drops - sweet as!

Apparently the Rakaia Chutes even opened up for Ron. Spewin I missed that, as it's the last bit of Hutt I've not ridden. A 30 minute mission (ride, hike, ride, hike) to get there, then sunny untracked chutes down to the waiting bus back up. Maybe next time.

All in, an epic day and stoked this happened just before the school hols start. Definitely the longest I've ever known Hutt to get tracked out. Another 60cm is coming in over the weekend so next week will be on!
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 le_sloth (06/07/2009 @ 20:51)
Update: missed out on a 50cm pow day yesterday - bit gutted but the snow keeps falling (another top-up last night). They've just about got the most snow there's ever been at this time of year!
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