Les Arcs: Blue sky has returned today

  Posted by snowcrazy on 03/04/2009 @ 20:05
Resort / Country: Les Arcs, France | Visited 1948 times
Blue sky, warm temps and some swimming.
Since my last update the snow has been falling, then the rain, then more snow. Now the sun is shinning again. The higher pistes are in great condition. The lower slopes have plenty of snow but are very slushy by late afternoon. Riding off piste when you catch it right is really fun, but get there to early or late and the snow is crunchy and makes your body vibrate. High up on AR the snow is great all day and there is still areas of hidden treasures to be found. Ah! but that would be telling to much.

The waterslide is up and tempting many to take a swim. If you come to Les Arcs go to the Altiport (near the the snow park) and give it a try. The park and the boader cross courses are fun, Vallandry has the hardest one.

I am here till the season ends so anyone coming out PM me if you fancy riding the BC or even just meeting for a beer.
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