Jasna: 09/10 Season Start

  Posted by Propa on 22/12/2009 @ 09:29
Resort / Country: Jasna, Slovakia | Visited 2185 times
Does it get any colder than this?!
Just like the snow in britain, the cold temps and snow has hit Central Europe and Jasna/Slovakia.... temps have hit -22 in the town which has meant even that its snowing and the cannons are on too....

Over the next week the resort will slowly start opening the rest of the lifts with currently Biela Put, Zahradky and the new 8 seater Otupne gondola running....

Forecast is for a milder week next week, but with the amount of preperation the resort has made, we wont see any problems!
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 Propa (26/12/2009 @ 12:38)
We knew it was forecast for a little bit mild but not this much.... from -25 last week to +8 this week, thats a hell of a shift. epic rainfall has really not helped the base, but there is a decent amount of the resort open still.... its cold again and starting to snow a little so hoping that winter is back with us!
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