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  Posted by Synergy on 16/01/2010 @ 12:56
Resort / Country: Davos, Switzerland | Visited 2204 times
Plenty of snow, a new park, 2 super pipes and we're only 5 weeks in! Conditions are excellent and that's down to the temperature. Last significant snowfall was over 2 weeks ago but it's been so cold and quiet that piste, park and pipe conditions are amazing!
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We have just played host to the 6* TTR event 'The O'Neill Evolution' in Davos and it went off! The best riders from around the world putting down their stuff in our 24ft walled super pipe and custom built slopestyle course. Check out the pics! Oh, and by the way they have left everything in for us to play on....gulp! Look at the size of the kicker we are standing beneath!

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We have had sporadic snow showers putting a few inches on top of things 3 or 4 times in the last 2 weeks but by and large most of the accessible off piste is needing a good dump! That said our conditions have been considerably safer than lots of places around Europe as we have maintained such low temperatures. Assuming that stays the case our next dump will consolidate with the current snow pack making for some truly epic conditions....I can't wait!

Everything in resort is open and good to go including the recently re opened Shatzalp bahn.......a free ride mecca that's been closed for 6 years! This place is Legendary!

Catch up with our video snow reports on www.Snoveo.com and check out our latest pictures and videos on our site www.Synergysnowsports.com
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Don't hesitate to get in touch for the latest conditions here in Davos.
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 craigboi (16/01/2010 @ 23:20)
ha i was lucky enough to watch that last week! get some pictures up when you pluck up the nuts to hit that beauty (=
don't forget the 16 year old where nailing double cork 10's off that.

Great report hopefully i can get back there this season (=
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