Davos: April snow is falling hard and fast!

  Posted by Synergy on 01/04/2010 @ 23:25
Resort / Country: Davos, Switzerland | Visited 1924 times
I have spent 3 years here and never been anything but amazed by the quality and amount of April snow, this year is no different.
So snow fall this year has been good but not great. We have been so cold though that it has never even threatened to look bad! However, any short falls we have had a rapidly being made up for! April is normally a time to begin winding down, taking off the jacket and enjoying some spring slush...not in Davos!
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The last 10 days have seen several sizable dumps from 10 - 50 cm's! I have officially had my best pow day yesterday and it's just started snowing again! No slush here folks, it was -13 today at 2000m.

We at Synergy have just finished our Park Tour camp and visited almost every resort in the area and I can prodly report that Davos Snow is the only snow i'd like to spend any real time on. The place is quiet now, although I expect to see a few more faces over the easter weekend, and a few of the shop are shutting up for their seasonal breaks. But we're still here, shredding for all we're worth!!

Now would be a good time to mention just how sick our park is right now...eh...it's insane!! Check out the pics!
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Rinerhorn closes on Monday but Parsenn and Jakobshorn are open until the 25th!! It's going to be a great end to the season!
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