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The UK's leading online snowboard forums for all boarding skill ranges. Be part of the snowboarding community and discuss any snowboarding issues on your mind.
Beginners Snowboarding - No snowboarding question 'too simple' for our Beginners forum.
Advanced Boarding - More technical or advanced snowboarding related discussions.
General Boarding - For general snowboarding discussions not covered by any of our other forums.
Snowboarding Buddies - Need buddies to go boarding with or got a spare room on holiday?
Courses - Discussion on instructor camps & courses.
General Instructor - Discussion on all things instructor related from looking for work to techniques.
Snowboarding Events - For information on future events, or discussions about those that have been attended.
Boarding Gear For Sale - Make some money on your old snowboarding gear by advertising it in this forum. No Traders please.
Snowboarding HardGoods - Snowboards, bindings, shovels, avalanche tranceivers, board-bags, 2-way radios etc.
Snowboard Maintenance - Information & advice on snowboard maintenance, waxing, tuning tips etc.
Snowboarding Outerwear - Jackets, pants, boots, gloves/mittens, goggles, helmets, impact-shorts, back-packs etc.
Splitboard - Discussion on all splitboard related topics.
Snowboarding Movies - General discussion on snowboarding related DVD's, Videos etc.
Snowboarding Video Games - Gaming discussions & tips for those who know their SSX, Amped and 1080!
Ski Resorts & Artificial Slopes - Enquiries & information on worldwide snowboarding resorts & artifical slopes.
Ski Resort Conditions - Snowboarding conditions in resort, reported by those that are out there.
Photography - Snowboarding Photography related discussion
Videography - Snowboarding Videography related discussion
Website Announcements - GONEboarding related articles, products & general announcements.
Website Bug Reports - Let us know of any bugs encountered whilst using the GONEboarding website.
Website Feedback - What do you think about the site? Let us know.
Website FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions on how to use the GONEboarding site.
Free For All Discussions - Open discussions for anything non-snowboarding. Please adhere to the T & C's.

Snowboarding Reviews

Find snowboarding reviews and write your own reviews of snowboarding gear, snowboard resorts, chalets and more from the UK's leading online snowboarding community.
Ski Resorts - Share your opinions on Worldwide Resorts.
Dry Slopes & Snow Centres - Reviews on Dry Slopes / Snow Domes throughout the UK.
Snowboard Bindings - Conventional (Straps) & Flow Bindings
Snowboard Boots - Conventional (Soft) Snowboard Boots
Snowboard Goggles - Snowboarding Goggles
Snowboards - All varieties of snowboards (Freestyle, Freeride etc.)
Base-layers - Thermal base-layers
Body Armour - Body Armour (Back Protection etc.)
Snowboarding Helmets - Helmets
Impact Shorts - Impact Shorts
Wrist-Guards - Wrist-Guards
Boarding Backpacks - Backpacks
Board Bags - Wheelie-Bags, Board slings etc
Travel Bags - Travel Bags etc
Chalets - Snowboarding Chalet reviews
Snowboarding Movies - The best, and worst, Snowboarding Video's and DVD's out there
Snowboarding Video Games - Computer & Console game reviews for the X-Box, PS2, PSX, Dreamcast etc.
Snowboarding Instructor Schools & Camps - Snowboarding Schools & Boarding Camps

Snowboarding Gallery

Snowboarding photos in our numerous snowboard galleries, submitted by members of the GONEboarding snowboarding community. Submit your own snowboard photos to our galleries.
Eye Candy of the Week - Archive of all the quality photos selected for Eye Candy of the Week
Dry Slopes - Dendex to SnoFlex: Various Dry Slopes throughout the country.
Indoor Slopes - Various indoor snow centers throughout the country
GONEboarding Snowboarding Events - Photos from some of our GONEboarding meets / events.
Miscellaneous Snowboard Events - Photos from various Snowboarding Events around the globe
Snowboarding Gear - Snowboarding equipment, from Boards, Boots, Bindings to Goggles
Snowboarding Injuries - Breaks & Bruises - Not for the faint-hearted
Apres Ski Photos - Apres-Ski photos taken at the local bars & clubs etc.
People Off The Hill - General shots of people back at the Chalet, at the airport etc.
People On the Slopes - 'People Poses' on or around the mountain
Riding on Artifical Slopes - Riding shots at various Dry Slopes
Riding on the Mountain - Riding shots taken on the mountain
Scenery / Landscapes Photos - Mountains, Sunrises, Sunsets etc. from all over the world
Ski-Wear Disasters! - We've all seen them! Some of the best outfits on the mountain!

Snowboarding Videos

Snowboarding videos submitted by members of the GONEboarding snowboarding community. Submit your own snowboard videos to our online community.
Snowboarding Event Videos - Videos taken at various worldwide snowsports events.
Instructional Snowboarding Videos - Instructional video clips.
General Boarding Videos - General snowboarding videos.
Snowboarding Holidays Videos - The channel for videos of your snowboarding holidays.
Boarding Slams Videos - Videos of riding when it doesn't all go quite to plan.
Snowboard Movie Video Trailers - Official video trailers/teasers for various snowboarding movies.
Sponsored Snowboard Videos - Video submissions from our Sponsors.
Funny Videos - Snowboarding clips for sh*ts & giggles.

Snowboarding Classifieds

Buy or sell your snowboarding gear using our snowboarding classifieds facility.
Bindings - Strap bindings, ratchet bindings, binding spares etc.
Boots - Snowboarding boots, lace, BOA etc.
Goggles - Snowboarding goggles & eyewear.
Snowboards - Freeride, freestyle, all-mountain, powder snowboards etc.
Snowboard setups / packages - Complete snowboarding setups (snowboard, bindings and boots)
Body Armour - Body armour, back protectors, spine protectors etc.
Helmets - Snowboarding helmets / head-protection.
Impact Shorts - Impact shorts, tailbone/coccyx protectors etc.
Wrist Guards - Wrist guards, elbow pads etc.
Base Layers - Base layers, thermals etc.
Beanies - Peaked, visor, ear-flap beanies & snowboarding headwear.
Gloves / Mitts - Snowboarding mittens & gloves.
Hoodies / Sweatshirts / Fleeces - Hoodies, sweatshirts, fleeces & general upper body urban clothing.
Jackets - Technical, shell, gortex, down snowboarding jackets etc.
Pants - Snowboard pants & salopettes etc.
T-Shirts - Short & long-sleeved t-shirts.
Backpacks - Snowboard backpacks, hydration units etc.
Board Bags - Snowboarding board bags, wheelie cases etc.
Travel Bags - Snowboard travel bags & luggage solutions.
DVD's - DVD's, bluray's, videos etc.
Miscellaneous Snowsports Related - Miscellaneous snowsports related goods.

Snowboarding Features

Snowboarding features and articles providing useful information and stories on various aspects of the snowboarding community.
Board review: 2015 Salomon Gypsy
Interview with Meribel based chalet company Alpine Ethos!
Our Camp: Defining your snowboard progression
Mountain Essentials: The latest snowboarding accessories, put to the test.
Olympics Special: Treeline riders Dom and Billy head to Sochi!
Industry interviews: Independent British brands D4Seven and Funi
Exclusive Industry Interview: Shred & Butta!
Up the Junction to London Freeze!
Cab Five Snowboard Shop in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne offer 15% discount on any orders to GB members!
Cab Five end of season sale!
FBBB Parkstrife Takeover – Friday 7th June 2013
Snowboard Spring Break – the UK board test 2013 #bestweekoftheyear
Number one Disco Party at the Syndicate Penthouse, Bansko
A report from the BoardnLodge Snowcamp in Nassfeld, Austria earlier this winter!
Radical Gloves Interview
The Contract Circus – Men's and Women's snowboard review
Relentless Energy Drink Freeze Festival 2012
Capita Defenders Of Awesome Review by Cab Five
UK shredder storms New Zealand nationals!
Switchback Bindings – First Look!
Westbeach rider Cerys gives us the lowdown on the In & Out Series
Grindhouse - Scare Money Premiere
Looking Sideways - mixing art with action sports.
Grounded Freestyle Coaching - 29th July 2012
Top girl’s snow kit for 2013
The boys are back in town
Back to Butta basics - the interview
StepChild Jib Stick 2013 Review
The Snowboard Test 2012
Get SuperRad this summer
Cab Five Snowboard Shop test the entire 2013 Union range
Salomon Oh Yeah 2013 Review
An Interview with Tommy Delago from Nitro Snowboards!
Never Summer Cobra 2013 Review
20 Years of 686 an interview with Mike West!
SCOTT PENMAN Vs the world.
Definition Freestyle – February 2012, SNO!Zone, Milton Keynes.
Never Summer 2013 Board Review
The Reason Snowboard Magazine Interview!
Riding the tantra
Buttery Biscuit Base
"Best of British" - Amél
Contract Snowboards Factory Tour!
Nike Chosen Series – The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead. Friday 16th 2011.
Grilling Gigi Ruf!
What do you need for an epic week of freeriding?
Smokin 2012 Vixen Snowboard Review!
The Art of Flight Movie Premiere IMAX, London
Never grow so old again - Ben Frey
Highway to Powder
"Best of British" - Transform Gloves
The Art of Flight
Bataleon’s 2012 Evil Twin review by Cab Five Snowboard Shop!
Dropping bombs with DJ SOCOM!
Industry Profile with Jeremy from Never Summer.
Boarders Boards crew hits up Landgraaf!
Relentless Energy Drink NASS festival 2011
Grounded Freestyle Coaching day – Hemel Snow Centre – 25th June 2011
Bearsden's Go Big or Go Home
The faces behind Never Summer!
Behind the scenes at Never Summer!
Who's Afraid of the Park? – MK review
The Royal Shredding – The Snowboard Test Uncovered
Capita Green Machine Review.
Longboarding - get that carving sensation this summer
Vans Dawn of the Shred!
The Demon Shredmaster
Where's your head at?
Never Summer 2012 board review
Nissan Team rider Xavier de Le Rue talks about his love of Freeriding
Ride in Tahoe! Part 2
Day tripping in Eastern Switzerland with Synergy Snowsports
Introduction to freestyle snowboarding by Grounded Freestyle Coaching
Boarding, sustainability and Eco friendly products Lucky Snowboards and Bamboo Rider
Ride Revival - A rad way to revive your old snowboard!
Word of mouth snowboarders resource launched, will you Join Us?
Catch up with Aimee Fuller
Animal snow camps - Pila
Choosing the right wax
Ride in Tahoe!
Boom to the Animal Snow Camp crew
ReRide: Trade In, Strap In and Shred.
Bataleon Battle Baby!
Adidas ID2 Demo night with Dom Harington
Liquor, Ducks and Hillbillies, the inspiration behind Apo snowboards Graphics…
Yoga for Snowboarders? It’s about time!
I've been good this Christmas Santa... promise!
Boot Fit by Freeze Pro Shop.
Jamie Nicholls Jibber Jabber
Voting has started for Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle Tour 2010/11
You got to CHILL!
Living the Dream
Freeze Festival 2010!
More Mountain and Much Better Adventures
Start Your Season So You Advance Your Riding
Ride like an Animal
Kodama's Whisper
Sarka Pancochova Interview
A Guide to Geneva
Fitness for Snowboarding
Nate Kern Questionnaire - January 2010
Nate Kern's Blog - May 2009

Snowboarding News

Keep up to date with the latest snowboarding news from snowboard event and rider news through to media and equipment news.
Snow boarding Camps/Courses News - Snowboarding Instructor Camps & Courses news
Snow boarding Equipment News - Snowboarding equipment & gear news
GONEboarding Website Updates - News about GONEboarding - The UK Snowboarding Community
Snow boarding Media - News on snowboarding media
Miscellaneous Snowsports News - Miscellaneous snowboarding related news
Snowboarders - News on the riders themselves
UK Dry Slopes - News from the UK Dry Slope scene
UK Boarding Events - News on UK snowboarding events
UK Indoor Snow boarding News - Boarding news from the UK Indoor scene
UK Outdoor Snow boarding News - Boarding news from the UK Outdoor scene
World Boarding Events - News on worldwide snowboarding events

Snowboard Holidays

Snowboard holiday help, advice and tips including advice on snowboarding insurance and transfer information to booking your holiday, flights and organising car hire.
Car Hire - Useful information on car hire when planning your snowboarding holiday
Flights & Travel - Useful advice and information for planning your snowboarding holiday on flights, airlines, airports & trains
Snowboarding Insurance - Helpful information on snowboarding insurance, and our recommendations on who to insure with
Self Drive - Information for those of you that are considering the self drive option when planning your snowboarding holiday this year
Holiday Transfers - Various transfer companies worth considering when planning your next snowboarding holiday

Snowboarding Gear Guides & Buying Advice

Gear guides and general buying advice for various snowboarding products.
Anatomy of a Snowboard - If you want to know a little more about what goes into your board.
Bindings - The human/snowboard interface.
Boots - How to choose the most important part of your snowboarding arsenal.
Home Advantage - A guide on where to buy your snowboard gear.
Layering - The art of staying warm and dry on the mountain.
Outerwear - Snowboarding outerwear explained.

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