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Reviews: 1
    5 of 5,  "Really cool board"  13/01/2013 @ 14:19
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2 Seasons
Times Ridden
2-5 Times
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Only just bought this board and first impressions are amazing.
Carves really well due to a nice sidecut and it glides really fast.
Easy to spin, press and grind and the graphics look the bomb too!
I have this in a 153.75 and it has a load of pop due to the extended flat spots by the bindings, this also makes it stable at speeds.
I also ride this on the piste and it makes a good cruiser.
Great all mountain freestyle board.
Loads of pop.
Needed waxing after its first trip out.
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Reviews: 2
    4 of 5,  "More playful than a room full kittens and string!"  02/02/2012 @ 23:09
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Price Paid
£250 (less SCUK discount ~ 10%?))
Bought From
2 Seasons
Times Ridden
6-15 Times
Review Detail
I first heard about the Ply whilst chatting with the shop owner of Attack Attack in Morzine during March 2011. After he dragged out the DC catalogue to explain the new line up I was intrigued by the Ply. Could it be possible for a snowboard to have that ultimate 'skate-like' feel for hitting up the park and if so how would it ride? Well, with 2 of the best (and youngest) freestylers currently cutting their shapes on the Ply (Horgmo & Bittner) I figured that it can't be bad and had to get one!

I bought the 153.75 - it's a little out of my normal freestyle size range (155) but close enough. This is a cheap board at £250 and whilst it's not rammed with high end materials it is evident that a lot of thought has gone in to it's design, producing a simple but extremely good snowboard.

The Stratus core is simple (poplar) but has a ton of pop weighting to be unleashed - this is asisted by their two directional fibre glass weave that allows a lot of 'feel' and control throughout all maneouvres with a good amount of torsional flex.
Coming from a NS Evo, I was reverting back to a cambered board but with the DC 'lock and load' camber profile. What this means is that unlike most camber boards that rise towards the tip & tail straight after the contact points, DC have extended these contact points in length - to 20cm. This gives you two flat sections outside the inserts to 'lock on' to features providing loads of stability but also allowing the rider to 'load' a rediculous amount onto this section for an ollie. As a consequence this board has the stability of a flat base which means it feels incredibly sturdy at high speeds, even on the shorter lengths whilst generating the pop of a cambered deck but also inspires confidence when hitting features in the park.
The base (DC True Base) is a basic, easy to repair extruded base but due to the structern pattern (the base is 'dimpled' like a golf ball) it is faster than a lot of the lower/mid grade sintered bases on the market. This board was no slouch around the mountain and through it's stability I regularly set the pace for bigger riders on longer sticks.
It took me some time to get used to the blunted tips and I had a tendancy at first to overweght the nose in the turn causing it to dig in. Once I adjusted for this (just didn't shift my weight forward so much!) turning was simple and smooth - there was also a bit more power coming out of the turn which I would attribute to the cambered shape.
This surprised me - I didn't expect such a freestyle orientated stick to have this much rebound. In fact, whilst this board is soft it is deffinitely no noodle! Pressing was supremely easy (combination of a nice flext and those large flat sections at the contact points) and jibbing around the piste was so much fun - it gave me great confidence in combining flatland tricks together.
Off kickers it was smooth and provided a lot more pop than I was expecting and it held it's own on landing making a strong platform even when a little sketchy!

This board is also robust - it went through everything (kickers, boxes, rails, powder) and kept asking for more and with a press somewhere along the way!

It is no surprise that this board is a freestylers wet drean, but what I really didn't expect was how well it rode in 60-70cm of fresh powder! Like with any short board, it takes a bit of work to get it going but no where near the amount of effort that I may have expected. It floated well, keeping the nose up nicely and even inspired me to try some Nicolas Muller-esque butters in the soft stuff!!

All things considered, this is a brilliant board for any freestyle snowboarder who doesn't want to dump their favourite park board for a powder stick whenever there are freshies to be had! At £250 it is also a snip of the cost of most boards - you could get 2 of these for the price of a brand new Skate Banana (£479) - well, near enough!
Given that Torstein and Aaron are both riding these (see their signature colourways) it is deffinitely a fine endorsement for a Brand that we should probably begin to take a little bit more notice of.
It has also got some of the sickest graphics of this season (Womens Ply included) making it a total, all round freestyle package that is an absolute steal!
Brilliant Pop thanks to it's cambered profile and 'Lock & Load' tech.
Soft and playful for all mountain freestyle but strong and stable off kickers & on landings.
Surprisingly good in powder!
Quick base yet easy to repair - you'll set the pace rather than follow.
Stable at high speeds, even on shorter lengths.
Sweet graphics throughout the range!
Unbelievable value for money.
Blunted tips can take a little getting used to if you're new to them!
Can it be a 'true twin' if the nose is slightly longer than the tail? (Splitting hairs here really but I'm struggling for any more really - this board has leapt to the top of favourite boards list!)
Similar Snowboards Ridden
Ride DH 157 (07/08).
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