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Reviews: 1
    5 of 5,  "Great all round resort."  11/01/2010 @ 22:23
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Price Paid
1200, total spend for 2, 4 day pass
Booked Trip Through
Times Visited
2-5 Times
Review Detail
Having visited Davos twice I thought I would add my thoughts on the resort. Jan 2007 and Dec 9th 2009

My first trip to davos, and also my first ski/snowboard holiday was in 2007. I booked with a company called Extreme holidays. 6 days on the slopes with 5 mornings of tuition with British instructors. My only experience up till then had been a full day’s lesson at Milton Keynes indoor ski slope so my skills were less than adequate. The instructors at Extreme were excellent both on and off the slope, offering great advice and tuition along with socialising in the evening. The whole experience was great and led me to book 2 further holidays the following year to Tignes (Extreme holidays went into administration that year).

Having enjoyed my time in davos and having kept in contact with the instructors I was looking for some early pre season snow and Europe was having some great early snow fall. A few of the Instructors from Extreme had now setup there own company offering similar services in Davos (Synergy Snowsports). The conditions in davos looked great and upon contacting Donnie at Synergy he confirmed the snow was great and most lifts were already open. So I (well me the Mrs.) booked with Synergy and flew out on the 9th of December for 4-5 days on the slopes with instruction. I flew into Zurich and hopped on the train to Davos Platz (my first time without pre arranged transfers) the train journey was very straight forward and alot cheaper than paying for Transfers. Upon arrival the conditions were excellent, no lift cues and pistes were clear.
Having not had instruction since my last time in Davos I found my time with the Synergy instructors brilliant in learning and improving my technique and my confidence grew considerably. My Mrs. had less experience than me but her boarding improved vastly and she is now hooked on mastering carving.

Off the slope, I found Davos to have something different to the purpose built French resorts. Plenty of things to do and see, I can recommend 'eau la la' swimming baths/spa's etc... Very reasonable and close to the centre of Davos Platz where I was staying with Synergy. Restaurants were also good, I revisited a restaurant I enjoyed from my last visit, Restaurant Ochsen where Ostrich is a speciality served on a hot stone (I can’t recommend this place enough). Apre is ok and plenty of bars to keep entertained in the evening. The usual sledging, night skiing, Ice skating etc.. all offered.

Id recommend Davos to anyone, couples, groups, even on you own there is plenty to do. And if you’re looking to get the most out of your trip I suggest you get in contact with the guys/girls at Synergy.

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Matt B
Reviews: 2
    5 of 5,  "Snow sure, super relaxed haven"  07/09/2009 @ 17:09
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Price Paid
£900 all in at Chrimbo!!
Booked Trip Through
Times Visited
2-5 Times
Review Detail
Davos is a simple 2hr train journey from zurich where we flew in from Manchester with Swiss Air (who don't charge for boards...nice). £60 got us return train fares from the train station at zurcih airport right to the centre of the resort.

Davos is real high so with us going at Christmas we wanted to be snow sure and Davos definitely offers that. A lift pass will see you right for 5 different mountains in the Davos/Klosters area all interconnected with an easy train or bus (which is free with lift passes). You could easily spend a week on each different mountain and still not have done all the off-piste, all the groomed pistes and parks it has to offer!!

Mountains are: Jacobshorn (great for beginners) and has a park up top
Pischa (didn't have chance this time....)
Rhinerhorn (just us there has epic rollers, hits and a natural pipe)
Parsenn (masses of riding linking kloster to davos)
Klosters (great for skiers, some wicked runs high)

Highlights for me is definitely Rhinerhorn it offers rollers, natural pipe, tonnes of hits and a decent although slightly pricey restaurant for a well earned beer. Parsenn offered my missus, an improving rider a chance to smash everyhting and begin to learn to carve. We also we found a great british company called synergy snowsports who run instructional holidays out there and took care of my who took my missus through everything she needed to fill her with confidence and bring take her to the next level. They also showed me some freestyle basics like butters, BS 180s and 360s off little hits, and took me through the massive super pipe in Jacobshorn (although lets just say I'm not a pipe rider!!).

Davos vast range means once your up the first chair lift you won't come across masses of people so it's great for improving riders to get some of your own space on the mountain. The snow conditions were perfect with night times regulalrly dumping fresh stuff to keep all the pistes (and off) in perfect nick!!

We've just booked for 09/10. The guys who did a few lessons with us last year have sorted us an apartment for £800 for 4 people sharing!! Definitely worth looking them up...
5 mountains to choose from so tonnes of variety and fewer people
Great british instruction from the guys at Synergy Snowsports
2 Snowboard parks and 2 pipes (for the more daring)
Snow sure and fresh dumps meaning slopes are amazing
Eau La La - a health spar with outdoor jacuzzi and great facilities for the aches and pains
Hot Spots
The Oschen in Davos (you get your own hot stone to cook ostrich, beef etc to your liking)
Top Secret Bar in Davos (great atmos)
On piste restaurants can be pricey....take your own snacks!!
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I've not been to a European resort that gets close to this and hence we've just booked for 09/10...sweet!!
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Reviews: 1
    5 of 5,  "Snowboarding nirvana"  27/08/2009 @ 18:36
Revision #1 (Last edited: 27/08/2009 @ 18:37)
Price Paid
£600- appartment, pass, flights and transfer
Booked Trip Through
Private (Synergy snowsports helped with everything)
Times Visited
2-5 Times
Review Detail
Davos/Kloster has the last word in providing the ultimate experience for any snowboarder or any skill level! If you're a free rider powder junkie then even 2 weeks after snowfall with the right guide you;ll get your fill. There are so many hidden spots that as a tourist you just wouldn't get to. And the tree lines are just off the chart but again you'll need someone to point you in the right direction. Some of the best action is to be found coming off the Jakobshorn side of Rinerhorn into the Clavadel/ sertig valley. Its got runs from open fields to tight steep chutes.

If your a park monkey then Davos boasts several including 2 super pipes, one that plays host to a 6star TTR event in early Jan along side a 6star Quarter pipe! You can expect to see the Sean Whites of the world there. Davos has another pipe and big park at the top of Jakobshorn with loads of features including Hips, BIG and small kicker lines, flat downs, rainbows, c-rails, ghetto urban rails and some other quite creative stuff.

If your a piste basher and enjoy wide open motorways then Parsenn was wicked for it. They even have a speed trap device to log your speed as you go past!! There is a couple of boarder cross tracks too. I think the run from the top to Klosters is like 20Km. Once you get there you can get across to the forgotten mountain called Madrisa, where apparently theres loads more free ride available. I used the Synergy Snowsports guys to help with my trip and show me around, they were really good and top riders.
Just so much to do and see that will leave you blown away.
Quick access to some epic off piste, or with a guide to even more incredible stuff
HUGE pipe and great non 'vibey' park
Loads of places to go out and party
SO QUIET and the Swiss stay on the pistes!
Dead easy and quick train ride from Zurich to the centre of the resort
Hot Spots
The Bolgen Plaza. You can drink a beer and watch the antics at the foot of the super pipe
The RED LIGHT bar, great little bar with a wicked vide
Top secret bar, for a game of swiss'll see!
Parsenn night skiing and the bar up there.
The mountains are connected 'in resort' by bus and train but there so good that you just think of them as lifts (of course you can stop for a cheaper lunch in town though!)
I heard about lots of Avalanches there
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Reviews: 1
    5 of 5  15/02/2005 @ 16:14
Price Paid
£750 for 10 days half board, travel and 9 day lift pass
Booked Trip Through
Accommodation & Liftpass through Fun Mountain, independant travel
Times Visited
Just Once
Review Detail
Davos/Klosters is not really a traditional resort... it's more a series of towns and villages along a valley system with lifts at the various town or village centres. There are five quite separate mountain 'areas' (and no lift infrastructure connecting them, though there are excellent bus and train services along the main valley and more infrequent busses into the side-valleys).

Valley sides are steep and wooded, as a result of which there are few easy runs down to the valley floor, but above mid-station (which often corresponds with the tree-line) the mountains are flatter, with vast areas of unpisted free-riding terrain.

There are few UK operators who do traditional Sat->Sat packages there and the area is very much used by the Swiss and Germans for long weekend ski--breaks. As a result, the area can be remarkably quiet in mid-week.

There are plenty of good facilities for boarders, including two excellent half-pipes (one monster pipe at the bottom of the Bolgen run in Davos Platz) and a number of fun-parks, the best of which is on the Jacobshorn. However, a lot of the lifts infrastructure is made up of t-bars... there are relatively few chairs in comparison to many resorts.

Because there are six separate mountains (the weissfluhjoch and gotschnagrat make up a single area, Parsen, plus there's Pischa, Madrisa, the Rheinerhorn and of course the Jacobshorn) on different sides of the valley, and due to the fact that some marked runs to the valley end on a bus-route or near a train station rather than a lift, you will find that some areas of the mountains attract very little use.

For us that meant there was still plenty of powder to be found over a week after the last snowfall. The amount of off-piste free-riding terrain that was quite easily accessible but relatively unused was remarkable... our favourite option to finish a day was to miss out the icy black down to our hotel by taking a brilliant off-piste run that should by all rights have been hammered on the first couple of days post dump! Yet, even a week later, it was still in good nick.

The nightlife is good, perhaps not up to St. Anton standards though. It can be quiet mid-week outside of the biggest bars. Drinks are not violently expensive if you can stick to the beer - approximately London prices, so far better than France.

Eating out can be expensive though, and you'd be well advised to shop around and try places a little off the 'promenade' to get the best value.
Free-riding and off-piste terrain
Quiet runs
Loadsa parks and pipes
A little snow here lasts a long long time
Excellent accomodation and lift ticket package through 'Fun Mountain Holidays'
Hot Spots
Bolgen after-boarding. Upstairs for serious amounts of shred-jailbait!
Saturday night at the Cabana club
The insane floodlit Rheinerhorn Schlittelbahn
Runs from the Weissfluhjoch down to Serneus and Klosters
The Buschalp off-piste from the Parsenn down into Davos Dorf
Off-piste from the Rheinerhorn and Jacobshorn down into the Clavadel valley
Lots of T-bars
Not enough lifts at valley level (much bus riding)
Mountains aren't really interconnected
Can be quiet mid-week
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Reviews: 2
UK - Scotland
    5 of 5  09/12/2003 @ 02:51
Revision #4 (Last edited: 11/12/2003 @ 16:56)
Times Visited
6-15 Times
Review Detail
There are two sides to the valley and lots of areas of uplift:

Jakobshorn - Favourite of a lot of snowboarders but I found it a bit of a big white car park in the middle. Boost right out to the sides or over the back at the top into the back country. Don't go up to the main peak but the uplift to the right.

Parsenn - This is my favourite because going in the trees is more fun here. You should note that a lot of the tree areas are out of bounds marked as Wild Park and you are not supposed to be in there. Plenty of fun to be had here though.

Pischa - Good if there's just been a dump and a great orange run off out to the left.

Rinerhorn - Lacking in challenge in the main area and hard to get to if you are staying in the main town of Davos.

Lower Runs
Most of the lower runs and the ones into the town are narrow and and full of crowded moguls at the end of the day. The only challenge is avoiding all the tw*ts.

All the off piste has it's risks of course but Davos plays host to the guys that teach the other resorts how to blast for avalanches. Look out for the orange runs on the piste map because they are unpisted trails and usually you can find more than enough powder on these, this also means you will end up somewhere with some uplift! I spent a lot of time off piste there and there's plenty of places to go. Luckily we were being guided by an Aussie that used to run a hotel there so we got in quite a few good runs. Of course you are right in the middle of a load of other resorts so there are backcountry routes to Klosters and the like but you'll need a guide.

On the social front there is a massive snowboard scene there and plenty of party. They are also well into the nail game which you have to give a try if you can. Go the the Bolgenschanz hotel over at the bolgen area of Jakobshorn where there is a big bar downstairs and you can win loads of free drinks if you're handy with a hammer. If you lose of course you are liable to buy all the drinks for everyone playing and at Swiss prices. Of course the Swiss are decidedly snobby of attitude in general so give them hell.

Overall there's so much here you should be able to find whatever you're looking for. The parks and pipes are world class. The off piste is great but be very careful or go for the orange trails. The prices of everything are not shy.
*World Class Resort*
Large Area
Good Train Connection from Zurich
Great Parks and Pipes
Massive Snowboard Scene
Big Events
Close to Other Resorts in Graubuenden
Great Preparation and Setup
Good Tuition
Expensive Food
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switzerland, austria, italy, scotland, tahoe....

Any resemblance to a real person, living or dead, is purely accidental.
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