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    4 of 5,  "New Surface & Great Community"  10/02/2016 @ 09:30
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Price Per Hour
£13.95, £14.95 for 2
Times Visited
15 Times +
Review Detail
The slope was re designed in 2011 which was long due. The layout is better now although the slope is still straight.

The Snowtrax slope in Christchurch has a new surface, Proflex, It's so much better than the old Dendix and doesn't destroy you if you fall.

They have a small total beginners slope at the bottom of the hill, it's a great gradient and surface and speed for beginners.

There is a medium slope with a couple of slower sections on it for the slightly more advance beginner. This is a great slope for learning to turn on. It has a conveyor belt style lift which is also good for beginners.

Next to that, there is a more advanced slope, which I love, it's nice and high with a good gradient, a little bump in the middle so watch out for that, but at the bottom you can go to the left to use the ramp they have built in or to the right to stop gradually. The lift is a grab and drag thing that I hate and would rather walk all the way up, but looking past that, it's a great slope!

The staff are great, the instructors will always talk to you if you say hi and give you tips. There is a great shop for almost anything! If you have kiddies, they have a slope for ringos and a slope for toboggan style things. There is also a huge play park at the bottom for kids to play on. Plenty of parking. More important than any of this, there is a restaurant, and a BAR! with a nice terrace area overlooking the slope.

I go here about twice a week for a couple of hours, there is no music on the slope, but I personally like that, it's a great place to come and get away from the world and enjoy spending time with like minded people. The boarders and the skiers all get along well here. I love it
Great mix of slopes, good instructors.
The main slope lift
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Reviews: 17
    2 of 5  30/03/2005 @ 00:10
Price Per Hour
£11 for one hour, £14 for two
Times Visited
2-5 Times
Review Detail
As Joystik said, there's a main slope, a beginner's slope that spreads across the entire width of the three slopes over a hump at the bottom, and two other slopes that always seem to be used for either rubber rings or toboggan/scooter type things. It seems this is where they make their money, because they sure as hell don't seem too interested in boarders or even skiers. There's no music on the slope - even on board night (Sundays).

Since I only used the main slope that's all I can really comment on, but anyhow... Most people will say it's Dendix, which is normally the kiss of death in the first place, but in all honesty all Dendix will do is highlight any poor form you've got, so if you can't ride Dendix it's really telling you something. At the same time though, if you can ride Dendix you can ride anything.

The main feeling I got from this slope is that it's too narrow and far too short. The management ask that you don't straightline it (called 'shussing' apparently) but that's probably because it only takes ten seconds to get from top to bottom. It's not built onto a natural hill, rather it's a wooden hill built about 40ft off the ground - bizarre. The narrowness stops anyone but the most confident from going down two at a time since overtaking is pretty tricky in the ten seconds you actually have to ride down the slope.

The actual surface of the slope seems well maintained, since the bristles look pretty new and there aren't any wires sticking up to catch your base unawares (yes, I did use my own board - the Oxbow boards they have just aren't worth the trouble), but the problem is that they don't have any consistency to how the water the slope, so what generally tends to happen is that you'll pick up speed, then sloooooow down, or else hit a fast patch, go to brake, and end up on your knees because there's just no traction. It's always fun trying to stop - you get this 'shudder-der-der-der-der' going through your legs - very disconcerting.

To sum up, this is fine if you want to get back into boarding the week before you go away, but it's just not worth it if you want to go regularly - I'd give up going here for 2-3 times a month and go to board night at MK every month instead. The slope stinks because of the sprinklers and it's getting a little on the gungey side.
It's cheap, but then it has to be really considering what it is.
I'm trying to keep an open mind, but this wasn't really an enjoyable experience. It's ridable, but not in any 'fun' way - the slope's too short, poorly watered and it's far too narrow. There's no creativity in how the slope's been designed either. Gungey and smelly. No music. No slope patrol - or even a liftie (isn't that against health and safety?).
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Avon ski centre - so much better. Still Dendix, but the slope layout is so much more creative, the lifts are better and they have some good toys out most of the time.
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Reviews: 6
    4 of 5  12/02/2004 @ 10:29
Price Per Hour
£11 per hour
Times Visited
6-15 Times
Review Detail
1x main slope
1x learner slope
3x taboggan/ringo slopes

Centre is close to Bournemouth and although the centre is usually very busy the main slope is rarely busy. Includes a Bar and restuarant, shop and decent viewing area outside.

Plenty of parking
Well maintained, fast slope
friendly staff
Can get very busy with way too many beginner skiers
Straight slope so not very interesting.
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