Becoming a Snowboard Instructor

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Considering a career as a snowboard instructor? In this article, we'll break down what you can expect as well as the pros and cons of becoming an instructor.
How Much Will You Get Paid?

It really depends on where you are, in which resort you are working in, and who you are working for! We’re talking about ski resort jobs, so you’re not chasing the Yankee Dollar, but you’re ultimately be getting paid as a qualified individual, so you’ll certainly get more than a lot of positions in resort!

Worth noting though that full-time work can be hard to find as a rookie instructor, but once you have got a few seasons under your belt you’ll start to earn some pretty decent wedge.

As you start out you might only get part time work, and you could get a little extra income from other jobs around resort, as well as pushing hard for tips if you provide a killer service, but that would depend on the resort where you teach and whether your students are accustomed to giving tips.

The perks of the job generally compensate for the relatively low pay such as affordable meals, lift passes, cheap equipment, and accommodation. So although you won’t be bringing in much cash, you shouldn’t have to spend much either (just keep your pockets short in the bars!)

If you are thinking of working as an instructor to save up some money, you might want to think again! It’s much more about the lifestyle than building up a war-chest of savings, you’ll get to work and live on the mountains, but won’t be buying your Val d’Isere ski in/ski out chalet any time soon!

Advantages of Being an Instructor

So why would you want to be a snowboard instructor? For the lifestyle, of course! You'll get to snowboard more often than anyone, and you’ll be getting paid for the privilege. Your status around resort will take a massive hike, and you’ll suddenly find you’re getting more attraction at the bars than you did that time you took Lynx up on their word and drained a can of Africa into your pits.

A big thing the friends you’ll make. You’ll find yourself hanging around with the resorts top Riders and most advanced snowboard instructors so as a result your skills, technique and ability will improve at a dramatically fast rate!

In essence, you'll be living the fun and care-free life you've dreamed of in a natural mountain environment while the rest of the world goes through their daily grind.

Do You Have What It Takes?

At low levels, your ability to snowboard is probably not as important as your ability to teach others. Of course, at least a moderate amount of competency is required, but as an instructor, most of your time will be spent teaching students the ropes instead of impressing them with your new found jibbing techniques.

To gauge your ability to teach, think back to a time when you were helping out a friend or anybody who was having difficulty learning how to snowboard. Did you enjoy and derive satisfaction from teaching them? Did they progress faster as a result of your instructions? Were they appreciative of your help?

Making a Career Out of It

If you decide to stay permanently, are prepared to work hard and are serious about it, the option to move up to a supervisory or management position may present itself. You could even go freelance, which means that you can charge top Dollar, and take it all for yourself. For many that’s the ultimate position to find yourself in!

There’s a good chunk of people in the industry who have managed to make the lifestyle earn them a decent crust. For most, however, it will probably not be a long term career move, more of a way to live doing what you’ve always dreamed of, do some traveling, spend a few seasons having an adventure in a unique place, make new friends and, of course, have fun doing plenty of riding.

How to become a Snowboard Instructor

First and foremost you need to obtain your snowboard instructor qualifications. Training organisations such as Basecamp have been training snowboarders since 2002, and offer both BASI and CASI qualifications.
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