Snowboarding Insurance

So you’ve bagged the trip and are ready to go!

Have you thought about your travel insurance?

If you’re looking for Specialist Snowboard Insurance? Our friends at are offering 15% saving on their new Winter Sports Insurance products.

Here's what ERV have to say:

ERV know that when you book your trip there’s a variety of things that you want to do dependant on your level and ambition. That’s why we have introduced 3 tailored products to suit snow sports enthusiasts like you: Rookie, Adventurer or Pro.

Simply choose your base cover, Red or Black, each comes with Rookie level as standard. Then choose your upgrade to either Adventurer or Pro.


Designed for families or individuals that want to spend time cruising the groomed slopes and perfecting those carved turns.


Snowboard in the off-piste? Some insurance policies may not cover you for off-piste snowboarding, we know that off-piste / free ride / back country is the holy grail for most snow sports enthusiasts out there.


You are the type of rider who is experienced enough to ride the back country without a guide, you live for finding that perfect untouched powder away from the busy slopes and tracked out slope side snow. Our pro level of insurance also encompasses back country touring, heli skiing, cat-skiing and now freestyle in an organised park.

See what different activities are covered in each level.

Save 15%

Click here to enter your trip information, include promotional code GBOARD15 and save 15%!!!

Low down on prices

To give you an idea of our costs, we have put together a few examples below, all include insurance premium tax (IPT)



15% Discount

1 week, Europe, Red Base Cover, Rookie £28.80 £24.48
1 week, Europe, Red Base Cover, Adventurer £37.44 £31.82
1 week, Europe, Red Base Cover, Pro £46.08 £39.17
2 weeks, Worldwide, Red Base Cover, Rookie £72.00 £61.20
2 weeks, Worldwide, Red Base Cover, Adventurer £93.60 £79.56
2 weeks, Worldwide, Red Base Cover, Pro £115.20 £97.92
Annuals from £74.26 including discount for Europe with 31 days on snow!
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