Yes Ghost vs Jones All Mountain Twin: Board Length Advice

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  #1  Yes Ghost vs Jones All Mountain Twin: Board Length Advice  Posted 06/10/2018 @ 09:11
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Hey fellow riders! I'll try to make this quick.

I am 6'0" 150lbs. I have been riding a 62 Burton Custom for a few years now. After some serious tendonitis in my knees I don't think I'll be able to handle it anymore. The board becomes way too heavy for me to maneuver and I've been meaning to upgrade for a while now.

I live in Brooklyn so I'm mostly going to Mt. Snow, Hunter Mountain, Jay peak, Killington, etc. East coast shredding. Powder sometimes but can get very icy and uneven. My favorite things to do are carving, going REALLY fast, and flying on jumps. I want to get a board that is best at those things. Jibbing and pipe would come 2nd, I really only like to hit boxes sometimes. Jumps are really my thing though. I am a size 11.5 boot and wear Large Burton Mission bindings. I almost always need to get a wide board. I like a 260mm waist width so my boots don't catch on turns.

I narrowed it down to these two boards. YES Ghost or Jones Mountain Twin. The Never Summer Ripsaw and Burton Trick Pony were on my list but they only make a wide in a 58 and 57. I am having trouble picking a snowboard length. The Custom 62 is all I know and it's WAY too big. The Jones board comes in a 155w. The Yes Ghost in a 56 (any lower and the waist width would be too small).

My concern is that a 56 will be a little too long still. I'm looking for a freeride board for speed, jumping and carving. I want to start learning more boxes and pipes but I think it's wiser to just get a separate freestyle board later. What length would you recommend? I was thinking I could even go down to 152 maybe, or is that too short?

I HIGHLY appreciate any help. Will take any binding suggestions too! ??

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