With wise binding offset.

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  #1  Width wise binding offset.  Posted 29/08/2018 @ 12:33
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Normally I have my both my bindings centered between the 2 edges (width wise).
Setup is a 250-254mm board width, 8uk boot, med bindings with toe ramp out a bit - so all good.

Has anybody tried moving either the front or rear more towards a edge than the other?

I ask because I've spent the summer learning how to ride a cruiser skateboard and I noticed I turn better with my front foot slightly shifted back towards the heel edge.

I'll have a play with it this winter but until then ... I'm just curious.
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  #2  Re: Width wise binding offset.  Posted 29/08/2018 @ 17:24
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No, never.

I guess if you had an injury that stopped you from applying suitable pressure on a toe area or heel area then setting the stance side-to-side to compensate may help that particular rider.

However having ridden centred for years this would probably feel a lot like moving a set of wheels out to one side when driving a car. You're starting to move your centre of gravity, pressure points and everything.
It would surely be all kinds of ballsass wrongness?

My gut feeling is stay centred and correct your stance instead.
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  #3  Re: Width wise binding offset.  Posted 31/08/2018 @ 13:51
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I imagine that the reason for this is because most people find toe side turns easier due to the greater range of movement you have forwards from ankle and knee. I.e. it's much easier to get your body weight shifted forwards over your toe edge during a toe side turn than it is to shift it backwards over your heal edge during a heal edge turn.

Most people are able to easily "carve" their toe edge but struggle carve their heal edge without slipping out.

Moving your bindings back towards your heal edge will allow you to get more weight over your heel edge and thus make heel turns slightly easier. You still have good range of movement in the toeside so toe turns are still good.

I've had a pair of bindings over the past couple of years that have been past their best. Each morning I used to adjust the heel cup forward to centre my boot/binding. Over the course of the day the heel cup slips gradually backwards putting me more over my heel edge. I hated this, I bought new bindings, I want to ride centred.
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  #4  Re: Width wise binding offset.  Posted 31/08/2018 @ 17:48
In reply to post #3...
Was watching some down hill skateboarders practice last night.

I guess the there is a limit of how snowboarding and skate boarding technique intersect. Snow has the benefit of high backs which we can lean on and straps we can pull up on for our heal side.

I usually ride one click more forward lean on my front foot - so maybe that's the equiv of what I'm doing on the cruiser with my front foot.

Anyhow - its one a few min with a screwdriver to test this out when I get to the snow.
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