Why did you start snowbording?

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  Thread Started By:   Doogerie   On:   Saturday 24/03/2018 @ 10:14 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Why did you start snowbording?  Posted 24/03/2018 @ 10:14
i was just wonderng how everyboy got in to snowbording? I am starting becaus i was inspierd by the Olimpics i love the mountines. I was aloso looking for a new sport to try i have prviosly tryed Rowing but I had to give that up due to uh weak hands (nuro musculer problem) Then i tryed fencing my weak hands stoped that too. so I was sitting there watching the olipics seeing these gus and girls doing amazing things on a bord (I will probaly never be THAT good)i liked how they all seemed to be together the styel and how much fun it looked as along time skiier (since I was 4) it seemed like somting i would enjoy so i booked a lesson and we will see how I go i will put up a video of my first lesson (part of it)so you can all laugh at how bad i am.
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  #2  Re: Why did you start snowbording?  Posted 25/03/2018 @ 10:54
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Well I've been into many sports since I were a lad, from football, table-tennis to gymnastics and eventually martial arts. I always wanted to go skiing with the school but it was too expensive and lost interest after a while. Then I saw snowboarding on the telly and said to myself "I'm gonna do that one day" and, in March 2007 I went to Bansko and done 3 days snowboarding on my own. I did have a 2 hr lesson booked with fischer who sent a kid in jeans and a woolly jumper, who was more interested in smoking fags and chatting to his mates who were also teaching beginners. I sacked him after an hour and a half and went with my mate that came with me who was a skier and could already get around but after much pain and determination I linked some turns by the end of the day and I was hooked, simple as!
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  #3  Re: Why did you start snowbording?  Posted 28/03/2018 @ 17:05
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Hi I have been a sport girl since I was born. The main reason for my sport live is my hometown which is based in the mountains, and the other important reason - my mom who's very active. Cycling, swimming, hiking... etc. I was doing with her everything when I was a child. She has also tought me skiing and I was doing it for almost 15 years! After this time, when I learnt to do it pretty well, I was bored.. It didn't give me that much satifaction which I wanted and of course I wasn't tired while skiing. I needed some adrenaline as well. So then, when I was in high school came first thought - "learn snowbording". I was lucky because the same year in my hometown they opened new ski slope which was about 5 minutes from house! So I started learing.. and first few times was hard, my legs hurt, my butt hurt, I was sweating and it felt so good! When I learnt how to turn right and left I started snowboarding on higher mountains. Anyway now - I have been snowboarding for 4 years now. I have never been taught by any teacher! I'm a self-taught in this sport I'm still not and expert and I'm sweating all the time, but I love it! I could say that my decision to learn this sport was one of my best decisions in my entire life. I don't like much winter, but the one of very few positive things about this time of a year is the fact that I can snowboard again! I have a dream that one day I will go for snowboard in the Alps
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  #4  Re: Why did you start snowbording?  Posted 28/03/2018 @ 22:28
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Easy answer! My employer kept refusing me holiday leave each summer due to project deadlines. So I had bags of holiday to use up every winter.
Helped that I was local to Tamworth at the time
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  #5  Re: Why did you start snowbording?  Posted 29/03/2018 @ 08:39
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QUOTE (kamilaw94 - 28/03/2018 @ 17:05)

I have a dream that one day I will go for snowboard in the Alps

Dude you go to go do that Check out French/Italian border as in my eyes that is the best the alps has to offer.
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  #6  Re: Why did you start snowbording?  Posted 09/05/2018 @ 14:14
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Introduced a buddy to surfing and after a few trips he said he found something better.

Was shocked, but decided to try. Endless falling over in loose rental boots and badly setup flow bindings sealed my fate in terms of progression. But never stopped me loving snowboarding, even if your friends push you down a red run after 3 hours on snow!
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  #7  Re: Why did you start snowbording?  Posted 23/11/2018 @ 16:40
I was first inspired as my other half at the time ski'd, her friends ski'd and we had some mutual mates.

As time goes on friendships and relationships change and I no longer have anyone in my circle that participates so my new inspiration is myself! I've not boarded in 7 years and want to get back to it.

I loved the trips I had, yes the friends absolutely make part of that, but the actual holiday, the sport, the scenery etc is bound by friends so if need be I'm hoping to take myself off on a solo trip in 2019 as I now think that a solo trip is better than no trip at all.
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  #8  Re: Why did you start snowbording?  Posted 03/12/2018 @ 20:07
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I'd always loved the snow and really like the concept, effectively going down a mountain on a piece of wood, plus it looks cool as f***. Snowboarding gives me unrivaled freedom, it's exhilarating, framed in a spectacular environment where you can completely escape from the day to day.
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