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  Thread Started By:   Bluerush1985   On:   Wednesday 08/03/2017 @ 17:37 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Where to backcountry  Posted 08/03/2017 @ 17:37
Hi peeps, a few of us are looking for a backcountry holiday where we can rent snowmobiles and roam free for a week or two. I cant seem to find anything definitive on stuff like that so is it something you have to tailor make yourself I.e.find a Hut to rent then find a snowmobile rent company?( Ideally looking for something in alaska)Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  #2  Re: Where to backcountry  Posted 19/03/2017 @ 13:33
In reply to post #1...
probably a bit late for this season.

Might be a good idea to give these guys an email.

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