Where can I test ride a board (UK) ?

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  Thread Started By:   MarkyB916   On:   Wednesday 07/03/2018 @ 08:03 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Where can I test ride a board (UK) ?  Posted 07/03/2018 @ 08:03
Hi All.

I currently ride a Burton Custom Flying V and was thinking about buying a new board this year, but have got a bit caught up in the whole Rocker v Camber v Hybrid thing.

Having looked at various discussions, there are a whole range of opinions regarding edge hold, stability etc. So I thought that the best thing for me is to just try them and decide for myself.

Although I've only been riding for a few years, I think my preference leans more toward freeriding (I never go in the park but like to 'play' a little with natural features).

So, to get to the point, Does anyone know of any ways that I could do a 'test drive' ? I'm thinking that maybe there's a set-up at one of the indoor slopes for this sort of thing.

Thanks in advance.

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  #2  Re: Where can I test ride a board (UK) ?  Posted 07/03/2018 @ 09:01
In reply to post #1...
I think you can demo them at most indoor slopes.
I believe you have to pay but it’s knocked of the bill if you buy.
There might not be as much choice this time of year tho.
Get in touch with whatever store is at your local dome and ask them what demo boards they have available, if there’s none, try a bit further.
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  #3  Re: Where can I test ride a board (UK) ?  Posted 07/03/2018 @ 09:25
In reply to post #2...

Thanks for that.

My nearest slope is Hemel. I think they have a Snow and Rock there so will give them a call.

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  #4  Re: Where can I test ride a board (UK) ?  Posted 07/03/2018 @ 23:59
In reply to post #3...
Yep Hemel have S&R, Milton Keynes have EllisB / TSA.
Both do demo 'deals'.

Alternatively look out for manufacturer test nights.

Retail store board tests have already happened out in the Alps last month, but usually there are one-off nights at various slopes once the following season kicks off. Just need to keep an eye out on the various dome news feeds.
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  #5  Re: Where can I test ride a board (UK) ?  Posted 08/03/2018 @ 07:02
In reply to post #4...

Thanks for that.

I guess for the demo nights I just need to keep an eye on the websites for upcoming events.

I'm of to Fieberbrunn in a week and I do remember there being a demo day out there one year but it may be a bit late in the season now.

I've had a rocker and now have a hybrid but just wanted to check out a camber board to see if there's much difference in stability etc.

My current board does tend to wash out in firm/icy conditions but that could always be down to my cr*p technique.

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