UCPA holiday anyone?

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  Thread Started By:   judixm   On:   Wednesday 27/01/2016 @ 17:07 Show Newest First    
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  #2  UCPA holiday anyone?  Posted 27/01/2016 @ 17:07
I don't have any friends who board so I was looking into UCPA holidays.
Does anyone want to join me?

I'm an okay-ish boarder - I've done 5 weeks over the last 5 years. But I'm not advanced or anything... I'm female, 28 based in London.

I'm looking for something ideally in Feb - but not set on dates yet.

Here are a few I found:

With part time tuition

With off piste tuition

No tuition

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  #3  Re: UCPA holiday anyone?  Posted 29/01/2016 @ 10:48
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UCPA is fantastic value for money and i whole heartedly recommend it.

spent christmas at the Serre Chevalier one - despite the conditions being more like spring still had a great time - the standard of food was incredible (and stupendously plentiful) and you by-rpoxy meet like minded people.

The Les Arcs one is good but a little away from the main villages - and the one in VT is a case of once you're in for the day you're in for the day!!

LDA is at the bottom of town in a great location but haven't stayed at this one.

Top tip - fly to turin and rent a car and drive to keep costs down or use a UCPA transfer service

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meth mouth
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  #4  Re: UCPA holiday anyone?  Posted 31/01/2016 @ 13:56
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Always opt for tuition thats where you'll make more friends. Off piste for you right now is probably not a good idea as its quite tough and can be hit and miss with snow. Go with full time tuition in chamonix, VT or Les Arcs as the centres are great. Aim for confirme group if you can as that will push your riding and you can discuss with instructor what you want to work on ie off piste/ freestyle etc. I love UCPA best value snowboarding holidays.
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  #5  Re: UCPA holiday anyone?  Posted 10/01/2017 @ 18:09
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Check out the Powder Junkies group on Meetup.com for UCPA trips with many people around the UK but mainly London. Good groups and lots of options...

But if you're looking for a week in Val d'Isere to share a room or just go to the UCPA there (very good) drop me a line as I'm looking for a second.

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  #6  Re: UCPA holiday anyone?  Posted 26/01/2017 @ 21:09
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Hey, I did Les Arcs with UPCA in between Xmas and NY. Unbelieveable value for money.

I was looking at doing another one in Feb/March. Has anybody booked one yet?
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  #7  Re: UCPA holiday anyone?  Posted 01/02/2017 @ 18:51
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Seem quite good a deal.
Thinking if mates pull out of our trip on 11th March I might see if they have any space.
You will never be on your death bed thinking "damn, I wish I had spent more time working"
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