Summer boarding europe

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  Thread Started By:   Monkeywars   On:   Sunday 19/02/2017 @ 22:00 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Summer boarding europe  Posted 19/02/2017 @ 22:00
I have never been boarding in the summer before but a few people have told me you can go in zermatt and tinges right through the year.

I cant get out this winter coz of work but really dont want to miss another year. Does anybody on here have any info about summer boarding in europe? What its like, conditions, where to go things like that. Cheers
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  #2  Re: Summer boarding europe  Posted 20/02/2017 @ 07:40
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you can google zermatt - its the hinterlux glacier. Its not something Ive done
Though you might want to get up as early as possible, as I guess it will get really hot up there!
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meth mouth
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  #3  Re: Summer boarding europe  Posted 20/02/2017 @ 11:44
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Take a look at these guys
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  #4  Re: Summer boarding europe  Posted 21/02/2017 @ 20:26
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Google is your friend. Yeah, ridden those places, but conditions are getting worse in summer, something to do with Donald Trump's hot air. Bear in mind that you're broadly on glaciers and they're not very steep, and the snow is garbage once it warms up, by around 11:00 or so. It's not a replacement for winter I'm afraid. Plus those places can be expensive to hang around in, well Zermatt is anyway.

My mate Ken runs a summer camp on the Whistler glacier, although that's a long way to go and the mountain biking may be a better thing to do unless your'e really into spinny stuff. Plus the glacier retreats every year.

Overall, I'd go south and check out their winter.
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  #5  Re: Summer boarding europe  Posted 28/02/2017 @ 13:55
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I did it for a day (or morning) on the Hintertux in late June. It was okay for a novelty, as I was in Mayerhofen on a summer holiday anyway, but I wouldn't go especially. Other glaciers may be different, but Hintertux was running with water by lunch time and the terrain is pretty limited and uninspiring. Mayerhofen is also pretty dead in summer, although having said that there was still quite a bit to do. If you approach it with the mindset that you are going to have a summer alpine holiday and so some other activites (mountain biking, hiking, rafting, canyoning, paragliding) and do a couple days boarding then that would be a better approach imo.

It is no substitute for winter. Okay if you happen to be somewhere that has a glacier and fancy giving it a go a couple of times, but wouldn't bother otherwise based on my experience.
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  #6  Re: Summer boarding europe  Posted 28/02/2017 @ 14:01
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Or, alternatively, can you fit a long weekend or two in over the next month or so.

I know you said you've got work commitments, but you could do a weekend just by taking the Friday off. If you are near a decent airport and time your flights and transfers right you could fly out after work on thursday and come back sunday night, getting almost 3 whole days in.

Or, how about April, will your work commitments be out of the way by then? Your taking a gamble with conditions, but it'll be way better than summer. Just head somewhere high like Val Thorens or Tignes and you'll be fine.
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  #7  Re: Summer boarding europe  Posted 06/03/2017 @ 15:13
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Ive just come back from Ruka in finland, their season runs till late may sometimes early june if your lucky. Im going to try next season for my 40th in mid april.
It doesnt have altitude but it is a suprisingly good resort.
We went cos the mrs wanted reindeer and northern lights.
So the big mountain hol got shelved.
But all in we loved it. They really have done well with what they have.
I guess norway would be the same deal.
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