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  Thread Started By:   006   On:   Friday 06/08/2010 @ 13:05 Show Newest First    
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  #1  spam issue  Posted 06/08/2010 @ 13:05
not sure where to post this but is there anyway to block spam in this site. see the mail i received below:

( 15/07/2010 @ 15:00:42 [Forward> [ReplyToAll> [Reply>
To: 006
interested in you
My name is stephanie, I saw your profile today at and found you worthy to be mine as some one whom i can lay on his arms as long as love is concern, i believe that from here, we can get to know each other even more than a friend, If you are interested in knowing more about me and for me to send you some pictures of mine my contact
my dear remember distance,colour or age does not matter in real relationship, what matters is the love. remember to write

Am waiting to hear from you.
Loving you forever

i am a young and nice looking girl , i am a young and nice looking girl , i am a young and nice looking girl , i am a young and nice looking girl , i am a young and nice looking girl , i am a young and nice looking girl , i am a young and nice looking girl , i am a young and nice looking girl ,
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Ben E C
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South Glamorgan
  #2  Re: spam issue  Posted 06/08/2010 @ 13:50
In reply to post #1...
Mate if you're not going to write her back I will

Curious that she mentioned this site. We're being targeted by these Eastern scumbags now!?
Snow Disciples - Do not adjust your mind, there is a fault with reality
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  #3  Re: spam issue  Posted 06/08/2010 @ 15:59
You're in there mate! Pulled a babe using just your spelling and grammar skills! Impressive.
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  #4  Re: spam issue  Posted 06/08/2010 @ 16:44
In reply to post #3...
Ahaha, i'd love it if she was actually your soul mate!
People find love on the internet all the time
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  #5  Re: spam issue  Posted 06/08/2010 @ 18:07

Please forward that message on to Starnzy who will deal with it accordingly.

I will also point him in the direction of this thread.
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  #6  Re: spam issue  Posted 09/08/2010 @ 09:55
In reply to post #5...
lol i would like to think i am good but not that good, although i do love an eastern european
if she can snowboard then maybe i might reconsider
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