Snowboarding in November

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  Thread Started By:   tiffany361   On:   Tuesday 05/09/2017 @ 08:28 Show Newest First    
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  #17  Re: Snowboarding in November  Posted 01/11/2017 @ 13:53
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The whole espace killy area is scheduled to open 25th Nov, so obviously they are expecting snow. There are also hundreds of snow cannons across the area which will be firing out as much snow as possible if non falls from the sky.

The glacier area is open now and has been open since September.

I like to check out the Webcam's on (note. I'm in no way affiliated to this website or any snowsports industry). I'm a punter, like most of the rest of us
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  #18  Re: Snowboarding in November  Posted 05/11/2017 @ 09:07
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