Snowboard width advice

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  Thread Started By:   issa.salem   On:   Tuesday 22/01/2019 @ 22:16 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Snowboard width advice  Posted 22/01/2019 @ 22:16
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Hi guys ??

Just bought this board and bindings. I’m size 9 shoe and just want to check that the overhang doesn’t look too much?

Thank you in advance!
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  #2  Re: Snowboard width advice  Posted 29/01/2019 @ 21:48
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You boots are high enough to be well out of the way. It doesn’t look an issue at all to me. I have size 10 boots, normal-width board and much more overhang than this. Today I was thrashing through some Austrian off-piste powder, down some lovely reds and blacks without issues. Just sometimes - on a very steep icy slope it is a bit of a problem on my heel side. Never enough to think of a wide board though.
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  #3  Re: Snowboard width advice  Posted 29/01/2019 @ 22:09
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Nice one, thank you for the advice. I’ll be keeping the board then

Time to unwrap the cellophane!
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meth mouth
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  #4  Re: Snowboard width advice  Posted 29/01/2019 @ 22:40
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Make sure you set your bindings up properly for your boot.
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