Snowboard binding digging into little toe :(

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  Thread Started By:   adamthwaites   On:   Wednesday 28/03/2018 @ 17:06 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Snowboard binding digging into little toe :(  Posted 28/03/2018 @ 17:06
Hi, I've been on 3 boarding holidays now, the first 2 with rental gear, and this year I've brought my own. Every year I've had the same issue which I hoped would be resolved when I brought my own stuff, but unfortunately not.

I like my bindings super tight so any movement with my feet is transferred straight to the board, and subsequently with my RH foot (I ride regular) I find that the binding digs into my little toe. The boots are the right size for me and fit the rest of my feet perfectly, but there is a little wiggle room round the toes which I'm trying to stop with the bindings. It doesn't matter what setting I have the bindings on as if adjusted shorter or longer they just dig in slightly higher or lower around my toe.

Has anyone experienced the same issue, or does anyone know of anything that can be done to get around the problem?

Thanks, Adam

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  #3  Re: Snowboard binding digging into little toe :(  Posted 05/04/2018 @ 21:46
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In reply to post #2...
The toe strap is adjusted wrong as the ratchet is bottomed out .
Both sides of the toe straps have fore and rear positions usually so thats a option .

Saying your boots are the best fit with your ride time experience may be part of the issue .
With well fitted boots you never need to overtighten straps .
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