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  Thread Started By:   btcooper   On:   Saturday 23/02/2013 @ 16:55 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Return to Snowboarding Equipment Advice  Posted 23/02/2013 @ 16:55
I am returning to snowboarding after a long absence (6 years) due to injury and lack of money, but since starting a new job I can afford to make regular trips to Tamworth and a few holidays a year now!

Anyway, I am looking to buy a K2 WWW (2013 model) and need some sizing advice. Here are my vitals;

Height: 175cm, 5ft9"
Weight: 65kg, 140lbs
Boot Size: 8.5
Stance: 19" (will look to increase this to 20/21")
Angles: +15/0 (probably look at changing to Duck stance now I'm buying a Twin tip board, only had directional before)
Riding Style/Level: Intermediate Freeride (before my break) Beginner Freestyle (could do 180's and some straight airs off medium sized jumps) No Jib experience.

I'm stuck between getting the 151 or the 147. Would the 147 be way too small for me given my size? I currently ride a 154 K2 Satellite from 01/02 and it feels very long at the dome but used to feel fine on the mountain.

I've also considered the Rome Shank and Artifact Rocker, Capita Ultrafear FK and K2 Parkstar.

I have a K2 Ambush 156 (03/04) for freeride on the mountain when I go on holiday so I'm not too concerned about having a slow board for the dome/park. I can always look at something stiffer at the end of next season if I need to.

I also need some new bindings as my K2 Cinch's are both heavy and uncomfortable. I have been told that Union Contacts are excellent, but I'm more inclined to pick up some K2 Company IPO's or Nationals. I've considered flux bindings too but they're a little pricey at the moment, the Rome 390 Boss look good too but they felt heavy in the shop to me.

Thanks for any help people can give me!
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  #2  Re: Return to Snowboarding Equipment Advice  Posted 23/02/2013 @ 20:21
In reply to post #1...
I'm not sure on the board sizing but I can comment on union contacts, they are superb. Also if they are just for dome use really the flites are also worth a look, they are well light (flite =fkin light) . Yeah rome bindings are pretty heavy, I picked up one of the 390's in one hand and union forces in the other and there was a huge difference!
Fluxs are also great bindings, , super comfy but yeah are a little bit more expensive, but not by much really.
quick, go for it now...before your brain catches up with your balls!!
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  #3  Re: Return to Snowboarding Equipment Advice  Posted 23/02/2013 @ 20:22
In reply to post #2...
Oh also, salomon chiefs are nice, super comfy, light and nice and cheap.
quick, go for it now...before your brain catches up with your balls!!
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West Midlands
  #4  Re: Return to Snowboarding Equipment Advice  Posted 24/02/2013 @ 10:44
Revision #1 (Last edited: 24/02/2013 @ 11:14)
In reply to post #3...
Thanks for the advice bong! Looks like I have a difficult binding decision then ha ha!

EDIT: I would be more tempted by the Force bindings I think rather than flites, but for everyone glowing recommendation of Union, I've seen an equally bad review! Snapped highbacks, ratchet problems and those toe caps seem to get a lot of hate.

Still not sure what to do with the length though, 147 or 151? I know there's plenty of sizing advice but I'm right in the middle of the weight ranges for each size.
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  #5  Re: Return to Snowboarding Equipment Advice  Posted 25/02/2013 @ 04:48
In reply to post #4...
I think the toe strap issue was earlier versions, if not I really cant see what tge gripe is about because I think they are awesome and thats coming from having previously owning rome, burton and technine ones and out of the lot the unions are by far the comfiest, lightest and not ever has my toe strap budged, not even after bad high speed falls.
As for ratchets sticking there really is just a correct technique to popping them open, I used to find them slightly sticky untill I read (either on here or scuk)the correct way to do them and since then they have been perfect.
Cant see how the highback will break either, mine seem bombproof.
quick, go for it now...before your brain catches up with your balls!!
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