Purchasing new board - sizing concerns

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  Thread Started By:   leoj9989   On:   Friday 14/04/2017 @ 14:34 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Purchasing new board - sizing concerns  Posted 14/04/2017 @ 14:34
G'day from Australia!

First time poster here. I've decided to get back onto the slopes after a couple of years without. My main problem is selecting the right size board.

I'm a pretty small guy. 5'7" tall, 160lbs give or take and wearing a size 7 boot

First off, I will be mainly riding the park, hitting jumps and cruising around the mountain playing around, butters etc. This is why I decided on and pre-ordered the Capita Ultrafear in 149cm. The only problem concern i have is whether or not size SMALL union force bindings with a size 7 boot (duck stanced) will be appropriate for a board with a 250mm waist width.

I've considered changing my pre-order to a Skate Banana Narrow in 148cm with a width of 242mm, however I pass the weight reccomendation by about 5lbs. This all depends on how crucial the width is.

So basically my problem is wondering weather the size small bindings with size 7 boots will work on a 250mm width, or if i will have to find something narrower.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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  #3  Re: Purchasing new board - sizing concerns  Posted 14/04/2017 @ 18:58
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I think you are nitpicking over the finest of straws.
There's under a cm difference in the width of the boards you are looking at.

Personally I'd be going larger.. 152-156 sort of board lengths because of your weight. After that the board width issue should be pretty much irrelevant.

Ultimately you need to try and demo a board to see how it feels for you.

Same height & weight here.

I piss around on 148's for a bit of laugh at times, I have 152's and 156's for park and mountain and ride a 161 in powder.
I find up to 163 is totally manageable, although I wouldn't be doing much in the park other than counting airtime on something that big.
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  #4  Re: Purchasing new board - sizing concerns  Posted 14/04/2017 @ 19:29
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What he said.

I'm not a park person, and perhaps for that tiny boards are fine, but there's a reason they produce different lengths... if you're not in the middle of the range then you ought to know why. At that weight, to me, you need to be pretty much a beginner or you'll just squash the boards.
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  #5  Re: Purchasing new board - sizing concerns  Posted 16/04/2017 @ 11:21
In reply to post #2...
Sounds pretty good to me..

Id test both boards tho and find out which you like the most! Then again I buy boards second hand as they just arnt worth £360 unless they are really pretty and you want to hang them on your wall..
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