Powder Powder

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  Thread Started By:   blast   On:   Thursday 18/02/2016 @ 15:37 Show Newest First    
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Mid Glamorgan
  #1  Powder Powder  Posted 18/02/2016 @ 15:37
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Last weeks trip to La Rosiere, France

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Tyne & Wear
  #2  Re: Powder Powder  Posted 21/02/2016 @ 10:04
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Excellent music choice and great shots too. Great video What camera did you use?
We went there a few years back and the freeride potential was immense and very accessible. It's good to see it in its full on POW glory, haha.

Well done, looks like you had an epic time out there
with a jib jib here and a jib jib there, here a jib, there a jib, everywhere a jib jib
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Mid Glamorgan
  #3  Re: Powder Powder  Posted 21/02/2016 @ 17:56
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Cheers Fella,

Just a regular GOPRO Hero 4

Here's a shorter version, with a different tune
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  #4  Re: Powder Powder  Posted 22/02/2016 @ 18:32
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Lovely vid - Spiritual stuff - captures why most of us ride.
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Mid Glamorgan
  #5  Re: Powder Powder  Posted 14/02/2017 @ 14:56
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This years trip (Last week)

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  #6  Re: Powder Powder  Posted 22/02/2017 @ 20:33
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This is the opposite of around here - this is a video we took last time out - just look at those groomers!

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  #7  Re: Powder Powder  Posted 17/04/2017 @ 12:56
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Impressive editing and music choice. Wish I had some locations like this near me! They aren't terrible but definitely nothing like this.
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