Petite/Short womens trousers

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  Thread Started By:   InfinityMadison   On:   Tuesday 16/05/2017 @ 12:11 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Petite/Short womens trousers  Posted 16/05/2017 @ 12:11
Looking for petite or short snowboard trousers...

Recently started learning to snowboard and my 10k waterproof ski trousers weren't up for the challenge, I was soaked through after my first day of learning to board.

After speaking to my coach he said I should be specifically looking for 15k+ waterproofing so that I can actually sit on the snow and not get soaked through while doing my bindings..!

Struggling to find a brand or UK site which has petite options.

Any recommendations please?
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  #3  Re: Petite/Short womens trousers  Posted 17/05/2017 @ 23:16
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Or.. just re-waterproof your existing ski trousers? Head over to the NikWax site and check out NikWax Tech Wash & NikWax Polar Proof
For Sale:
- HangTime Snowboard Wall Mounts in black or white colours. £25 including UK postage. Just send me a message, or see the classifieds section!
- Giro Basis Goggles (White frame, black strap, gold flowers design, gold / amber lens) £75. See the classifieds section for photos!
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