Party of 2, we need you

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  Thread Started By:   Branagorn   On:   Monday 13/02/2017 @ 16:16 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Party of 2, we need you  Posted 13/02/2017 @ 16:16
So we are a guy and a girl (not a couple) in our mid/late 20s, really keen to go snowboarding again this year, but our proposed group has gradually disbanded.

It was our first holiday last year, so we are still beginners, but are desperate not to leave it another year before we do it again.

At the moment we're considdering Bankso, seeing as our intention right now is just to get riding, so cheaper the better. But we'll go anywhere really.

Does that fit in with anybodys all-ready arranged plans, or do you want to come along on our Bulgarian adventure. We can go with just us 2, but surely there'd be a better vibe with a bigger group? even if its just 1 or 2 more.
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  #3  Re: Party of 2, we need you  Posted 15/02/2017 @ 07:31
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just book for yourselves or PM winterfunman to see if he has anything available.
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meth mouth
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  #4  Re: Party of 2, we need you  Posted 15/02/2017 @ 11:37
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yeah give wfm a shout on bansko-sports he'll help you out may even ride with you or know people at your level out there at the same time.
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  #5  Re: Party of 2, we need you  Posted 15/02/2017 @ 18:33
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Worth checking balkan holidays for last minute deals
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  #6  Re: Party of 2, we need you  Posted 16/02/2017 @ 15:44
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Cheers guys for plugging me , he has e mailed and awaiting a list of his needs , which will endeavour to meet and exceed

Big hugs to all my GB friends
we r only here for a short time , live life to the full every day

BANSKO Apartment deals see below:
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