pants: insulated or shell?

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  Thread Started By:   lorcar   On:   Tuesday 22/03/2016 @ 16:57 Show Newest First    
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  #1  pants: insulated or shell?  Posted 22/03/2016 @ 16:57
have always used sligthly insulated pants from TNF.
Should change them, and I am also considering a shell, with a thin inner liner, but not insulated.

I will obviously be using a first layer for the legs, in both cases, but I am concerned for the lack of insulation. Anyone made the switch from Insulated to Shell?

also, I read a review for the shell pant i am looking at: a user complains that "the microfleece liner material uses a slick nylon or polyester lining which don't slide over thermals,the material hangs up and binds on long underwear, restricting movement"

Anyone experienced anything like this?

thanks in advance
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Niki O
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  #2  Re: pants: insulated or shell?  Posted 23/03/2016 @ 15:36
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Yep, I moved from Volcom insulated pants to Burton Gore tex, the jeans, very thin but fantastic for their water proof ness and have ridden them in cold and recently spring conditions, love the lightness and quality of the Gore tex, I usually wear Sessions D30 three quarter long john with thin padded knee, hip and tail bone, a very comfy and warm enough combination, much better for hiking and all day comfort. I thought I might be cold but haven't been.
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  #3  Re: pants: insulated or shell?  Posted 29/03/2016 @ 14:21
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Always had shell pants and used thermal leggings if it's really cold. Prefer this over insulated as you can use them in cold or warmer conditions.
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  #4  Re: pants: insulated or shell?  Posted 27/11/2018 @ 22:51
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agreed 100% shell + leggings
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