On the cusp of binding Sizes....what to do?

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  Thread Started By:   krispiepage   On:   Sunday 07/01/2018 @ 18:06 Show Newest First    
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  #2  On the cusp of binding Sizes....what to do?  Posted 07/01/2018 @ 18:06
I have just got myself my first snowboard after snowboarding for a number of years on rentals.

I'm happy with my choice but I have still yet to pick up some bindings, I'm looking at burtons but as I am a size 8 I sit between the small and medium sizes.

Can anybody give advice or experience over what to get?
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  #3  Re: On the cusp of binding Sizes....what to do?  Posted 07/01/2018 @ 18:11
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Have you got boots?
Ideally buy from a store and try your boots in the bindings for size.
I bought a pair of rides off the net and although they were a good match to my boots the highback was too tall.
If not I’d say medium. I’m an 8 and all mine have been mediums.
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  #4  Re: On the cusp of binding Sizes....what to do?  Posted 09/01/2018 @ 09:30
In reply to post #3...
check the binding size is not US as UK8 is usually a medium
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