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  Thread Started By:   kingmasi   On:   Tuesday 06/11/2018 @ 22:25 Show Newest First    
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  #2  numb toes  Posted 06/11/2018 @ 22:25
Hi guys some help please, im running some 32 Joe Sexton boots that have been blow out and heat fitted, but I am still getting numb pain full toes, I use merino wool thin socks to help, but to no joy. Any advise as if any one else has this issue?
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  #3  Re: numb toes  Posted 07/11/2018 @ 08:17
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Your toes are numb because there is reduced blood flow. Either your boots are too tight or you are cranking your binding straps to tight.

Try loosening both of these.

I always fasten my boots too tight first thing in a morning. When I feel my toes start to tingle I loosen them off a touch, problem solved.
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  #4  Re: numb toes  Posted 08/11/2018 @ 00:33
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Yep I would review your toe strap positioning on that foot that's causing you issues.
If it's too high up your foot / towards your ankle, you'll get that feeling.
If you can't adjust them forward, then you may need to consider bindings that have cap-straps / toe-capped binding straps.

For sure massively puffy thick socks won't help if you are using moulded inners - I just wear normal socks these days... the days of ski tube things are well and truly gone.
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  #5  Re: numb toes  Posted 09/11/2018 @ 20:46
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Aside from the above.
Oversizing is a very common issue that no one can understand so they blame everything else except oversizing .
On top of that people often have multiple fit issues not just lenght .
Its often a number of issues together .

If your boots are your shoe fit size as opposed to a alpine bootfit your foot could be moving around and forward in the boot .
Add to this the rider is now crushing the boot with the binding straps.
Trying to hold the foot still in the oversized boots is failure and its all about you having bought oversized lenght and or volume boots causing that.

Many salesman will sell oversized as the customer wont buy a handshke firm fit as they dont understand whats needed for alpine speeds and loads .
They only know decades of shoe fit under zero loads

Quoting your shoe sizes matching your boot sizes will possibly be a sign .

Boots and feet are measured in mm/cm the boots are the greater varible not the foot

If you dont know your feet lenghts and widths in mm you dont know your boot size in mm/cm .
All the other uk /usa /euro sizing numbers mean nothing

The mm/cm measuring of your feet is just to start the process of bootfit lenght .
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  #6  Re: numb toes  Posted 10/11/2018 @ 23:56
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The question for me is whether your boots are a problem or if you are overtightening the toe binding. Bindings need to be firm but not tight. A well-fitted boot feels very comfortable so I wonder who fitted them - can you go back and ask advice. Numb toes can be due to the obvious - too small boots, or the more subtle, compressed packing or insufficient heel rise - which lets your foot loose to push to the front of your boot. Any decent bootfitter should be able to identify the problem and fix it for you. Footbeds with a decent amount of heel rise will pull your toes away from the end of your boot.
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