Need new snowboarding friends

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  Thread Started By:   Hit.the.slopes   On:   Friday 12/05/2017 @ 09:06 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Need new snowboarding friends  Posted 12/05/2017 @ 09:06
I've just started snowboarding in Manchester and would be great to meet new friends who go alone for fun on the slopes and few beers
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  #2  Re: Need new snowboarding friends  Posted 16/05/2017 @ 12:11
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What venue do you go to in Manchester?
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  #3  Re: Need new snowboarding friends  Posted 16/05/2017 @ 13:11
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Hi, I've only been going for 2/3 months, so just a beginner and just done my level 4 course, so gonna start buying lift pass to practice
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  #4  Re: Need new snowboarding friends  Posted 11/09/2017 @ 07:15
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Do you still come on here? Are you still looking?
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County Down
  #5  Re: Need Advanced riders to pair up with over christams in Zillertal Austria  Posted 22/09/2017 @ 08:14
Need advanced riders to meet up with shred the run & or ride park wanna get lots of video footage too,
*Ride every run like its your last*
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  #6  Re: Need new snowboarding friends  Posted 01/10/2017 @ 15:16
Revision #1 (Last edited: 01/10/2017 @ 15:19)
Beginner looking to meet new friends hit the slopes and have a couple of drinks afterwards
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