Nayone out in Banff, 4/3 - 18/3?

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  Thread Started By:   meth mouth   On:   Wednesday 08/02/2017 @ 12:35 Show Newest First    
meth mouth
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  #1  Anyone out in Banff, 4/3 - 18/3?  Posted 08/02/2017 @ 12:35
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Me and the boys are out in Banff soon so if anyone wants to tag along, give me a shout.

We'll be going to the 3 resorts and have a car to go over to Kicking Horse on 12 or 13 depending on weather.

We're experienced boarders/ old gits!
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  #2  Re: Anyone out in Banff, 4/3 - 18/3?  Posted 08/02/2017 @ 17:13
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Kicking horse is steep. We were unlucky with the snow when we were there but you could see how good it could be. We are not that long back from a Canadian oad trip doing Banff,Kh,Revi ans Fernie. Got to say Revelstoke was far and away my favourite resort.

Hope you weren't staying at the Mount Royal?
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meth mouth
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  #3  Re: Anyone out in Banff, 4/3 - 18/3?  Posted 09/02/2017 @ 12:34
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How was the drive to Revelstoke? Google says 3hrs from Banff but is it an easy drive or tough going?
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  #4  Re: Anyone out in Banff, 4/3 - 18/3?  Posted 14/02/2017 @ 17:10
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It's more like 4 hours. The road between Golden and Revelstoke shuts for avalanche danger and the detour is horrendous. It's not a terrible drive the scenery is stunning but it all depends on road conditions.
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  #5  Re: Nayone out in Banff, 4/3 - 18/3?  Posted 15/02/2017 @ 19:40
Not out, but enjoy it.

If the Horse is shy on snow keep driving out to Revvy, it holds the snow better.

With three main lifts Revvy gets familiar, but continually lapping the gondola at the Horse, well .......

Big White is a good drive out, but if the conditions are good ....... and coming back the other way there'd be worst decisions than checking out the Griz ....
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