Mid Week Transfers: Geneva to Tignes

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  Thread Started By:   Nate   On:   Monday 06/03/2017 @ 14:56 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Mid Week Transfers: Geneva to Tignes  Posted 06/03/2017 @ 14:56
Hey guys,

So i'm off to Tignes with my mate on the 22nd March for just 5 days.
(as I needed a second trip this season, but didn't have a whole weeks leave spare)

However this means we're not flying on the weekend and stupidly I didn't think about availability of transfers until this week.

Other than Altibus - anyone know of any reasonable (cheap) transfer options? As I land at 16:15 and the next available bus isn't until 19:15, although Geneva airport is lovely i'd prefer to be heading to the mountains!

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Tyne & Wear
  #2  Re: Mid Week Transfers: Geneva to Tignes  Posted 06/03/2017 @ 23:06
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Maybe try, Alpine Sherpa, Mountain rescue, or Cool Bus transfer companies for a 'shared' transfer


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  #3  Re: Mid Week Transfers: Geneva to Tignes  Posted 07/03/2017 @ 10:07
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Thanks for the tips!

I think Altibus might be the best option, otherwise we're looking at least another 150 euro each!
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  #4  Re: Mid Week Transfers: Geneva to Tignes  Posted 07/03/2017 @ 18:38
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Might be possible to get a private transfer door to door.
How many people, dates, flight times arrival/departure and exact destination?
Also an idea of luggage amounts.

Email these peeps: reservations@mountainsunltd.com
Usually €60 pp per way.
You're looking for a shared transfer.
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  #5  Re: Mid Week Transfers: Geneva to Tignes  Posted 12/03/2017 @ 09:56
In reply to post #1...
Have a look at ride sharing sites like blablacar. I have used them a few times when venturing off without the kids.
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