Mesh in the jacket snow cuff - normal?

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  Thread Started By:   silentice   On:   Monday 16/04/2018 @ 16:38 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Mesh in the jacket snow cuff - normal?  Posted 16/04/2018 @ 16:38
Hi, new to the forum, and new to snowboarding!

I had my first trip this winter and borrowed a jacket. Loved it (been back to the Hemel Snow Centre several times since) and thought I should buy my own outers for the next trip in the sales. I get v hot and I'm looking for a thin jacket I can layer as necessary.

I tried on a HH jacket and really like it, and when it came to the sleeves they have the usual elasticated snow cuff. However, I noticed that instead of lining material, the cuff is attached to the sleeve with mesh like they use under the zipped vents.

My first thought is that it defeats the purpose of the snow cuff. On the other hand, seems like a great idea for ventilation- if not limited with gloves on. It initially put me off but after trying some other jackets with various pros and cons I'm coming back round to this one. I've not seen this feature in any other jacket and for the price I otherwise like the jacket.

As a beginner I am bound to be touching the ground a lot and face planting and sliding on my front etc. Even with over gloves outside the cuff I feel like snow is going to get up there. But maybe it would anyway with a "normal" jacket.
What are your thoughts, does anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks in advance,
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  #3  Re: Mesh in the jacket snow cuff - normal?  Posted 18/04/2018 @ 16:08
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Not specifically, but lots of vents in snow gear has mesh across it, which is supposed to keep out powder. Broadly it does, in that I use the vents in my gear and don't get wet.

With sleeves, you usually have them very well covered, and you're probably not in powder as a beginner, and you're unlikely to get snow up your sleeve. The seals are generally really good - I would not worry about it, it'll be fine.

Layers/ none insulated stuff is the way to go for the reasons you suggest.
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  #4  Re: Mesh in the jacket snow cuff - normal?  Posted 18/04/2018 @ 17:10
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I'd avoid HH as they cater for skiers and their needs. A good shell snowboard jacket is what you need and buy the right one so you don't pay twice. Try and get over to absolute snow.
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