Meribel 24/01/18

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  Thread Started By:   Benjamin_C   On:   Friday 08/12/2017 @ 08:47 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Meribel 24/01/18  Posted 08/12/2017 @ 08:47
Hey I’m going to Meribel in January on the 24th to the 28th but I’ll be on my own anyone else going around that time that wouldn’t mind me boarding along with?
Snowboarding is life!
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  #2  Re: Meribel 24/01/18  Posted 29/12/2017 @ 23:09
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Hi Ben,
I’ve been to Meribel a few times and am looking at booking a few days there soon.
It’s just me so wondering who you’ve booked through? How much it’s costing?
Feel free to email
Cheers, Ries
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  #3  Re: Meribel 24/01/18  Posted 30/12/2017 @ 04:11
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Hey Ries

I booked through a site caller igoski, for 4 nights hakf biard cateree chalet, flights/luggage transfer and lift pass I’ve paid about 800 quid, could have gone to Andorra for a week for that price but the snow is much better and guaranteed in France so worth the money

Snowboarding is life!
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  #4  Re: Meribel 24/01/18  Posted 30/12/2017 @ 18:52
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Hi Ben,
Thanks for the info, unfortunately couldn’t get the dates you have so will be there 21-24th departing wednesday late afternoon.
If you want to meet on the Wednesday, let me know.
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