Lone rider going away mid march

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  Thread Started By:   bong69uk   On:   Wednesday 20/02/2013 @ 08:09 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Lone rider going away mid march  Posted 20/02/2013 @ 08:09
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So, im meant to be going away mid march with a mate, but he keeps putting off booking anything so im not convinced he is actually going to follow through with any plans, so im putting this out there...
Anyone fancy a trip mid march, either the week of 9-16, or 16-23?
I was looking into either valmeinier or tignes. Im an experienced boarder, and my abilities are as follows-
Freeride (powder and off piste ) - strong intermediate/advanced
Pistes- advanced (will ride any blacks and will rip up anything else)
Freestyle - pretty much a beginner,can do 50-50's on boxes and can hit mid sized kickers (5-6ft height with maybe 10-15ft gaps) with a basic grab thrown in.
Drinking and partying- a full blowen pro! I can hold my own on anything and will keep going all night!!

So anyone else in the same boat as me?
quick, go for it now...before your brain catches up with your balls!!
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  #2  Re: Lone rider going away mid march  Posted 21/02/2013 @ 20:27
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Hi mate would very interested . The only problem is I'm in Somerset . Looking to go to tignes to . If we can sort it . Just message me regards adrian
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