Les Deux Alpes/L2A. Summer riding 2017? Park riding - worth it?

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  Thread Started By:   axel2004   On:   Thursday 18/05/2017 @ 00:23 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Les Deux Alpes/L2A. Summer riding 2017? Park riding - worth it?  Posted 18/05/2017 @ 00:23
Soooo have a week off in July and a snowboard craving.
I've never ridden in summer but imagine there's a danger of major disappointment.

That said, the l2a website gives the impression of a large selection of jumps and park features up on the glacier. Looks like can ride 7am-1pm then chill in afternoons.

Anyone have any experience?
Worth going?

I'm into freestyle when i have to be, as i'm aware free ride - even on piste, will be pretty poor in summer.

Thanks guys
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  #2  Re: Les Deux Alpes/L2A. Summer riding 2017? Park riding - worth it?  Posted 20/05/2017 @ 09:25
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Well, as you mention, really depends on how much is up there now and how it holds up over June. In a good year the park is snow but if conditions are poor everything melts in the day and turns to solid ice at night. Then you have an ice-park. That said, they do make a fair effort is to build the park and get snow where it's needed. It is fun to board in the morning and then mountain bike or do other stuff in the afternoon when it's usually around 25 + degrees at the bottom. Check out the webcams too.
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