Jib board sizing query

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  Thread Started By:   photogeeza   On:   Friday 07/06/2019 @ 19:43 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Jib board sizing query  Posted 07/06/2019 @ 19:43
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Hi all,

Looking to get a jib specific board but wondering about what length to go for.

I'm 80kg, or 75lbs or 12.5 stone and 175cm or 5'9" tall, I've put on a bit of timber lately but unfortunately i've not gotten any taller !! ????

Intermediate rider can hoon it at mach 1 on corduroy if so desired but get a little bored with that and if not in the trees I love jibbing and flatland tricks.

I know a shorter deck is less swing weight but what my question is apart from what size to go for is do you jibbers prefer a little longer deck for press stability?

I started to ride a 157cm but due to my instructor who is very good and experienced I have been told to come down to 152cm area, even though the charts recommend 156/157cm for all mountain riding. So is he right? Or am I riding to short a deck ?

I am having a little trouble holding decent presses especially when flatland spinning, my board a Rome artifact is quite soft say a 4 out of 10, am I just a weed in the leg department or would a slightly longer deck of say 154cm help project my weight into the further off centre nose or tail.

Any thought would be much appriciate.

Oh yeah and if you have any board recommendation that would be good to discuss, looking at Arbor Draft or Lib tech box scratcher at the moment.

Cheers ??
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meth mouth
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  #2  Re: Jib board sizing query  Posted 16/06/2019 @ 11:38
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Hi fella jib/ park boards have different characteristics like some have softer nose/ tails but are stiffer in the middle for a little all mountain riding, some are just a plain noodle and some are stiffer throughout and need more work to press and butter but have more pop for jumps etc. Going longer or shorter can be a false economy - go for the board that measures up and at the length where your 80kgs lands in the middle. So for instance the
arbor draft is not an all out jib board, it is cambered which is more suited to all mountain freestyle and may or may not work for you for flatland fun. The box scratcher may suit you better and at 154 would be perfect. Does that make sense?
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  #3  Re: Jib board sizing query  Posted 16/06/2019 @ 12:43
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Hi Meth Mouth,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes it makes perfect sense what you are saying and I also think the box scratcher in a 154 is about the right size for me to continue to learn how to spread butter.

What I don't understand is the rational behind board manufacturers board size charts, good point what you say about size of board in regard to style of board etc i.e. what it is being used for. a

As is often the case with manufacturer board sizing charts apparently I should buy the 157cm the largest board in the range, it states that anyone over 120lbs which is 8.5stone should be on the 157cm largest board, which to me doesnt make sense because most average weight riders will weigh more than 8.5 stone when they are 14 years old and if this is correct then surely the manufacturer should make an even bigger/longer board for the average weight rider and those above that weight because the average rider is half as heavy again as a 8.5 stone rider.

Then again I've got other quality riders, good instructors saying go shorter which is the complete opposite direction to the board manufacturers recomendations, hench my query here.

Appriciate anyones thoughts on this.

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meth mouth
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  #4  Re: Jib board sizing query  Posted 19/06/2019 @ 12:57
In reply to post #3...
The recent trend of manufacturers recommending longer boards is to do with broken snowboard returns from what I understand. So again its down to preference, if you only have one board then you would need the longer board for its versatility but a shorter board would be easier to press though again its depends on the snowboard.
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