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  Thread Started By:   dirkstar   On:   Friday 26/05/2017 @ 09:01 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Japan 2018 Help  Posted 26/05/2017 @ 09:01
Ladies Gents

Finally after 10 plus years of Boarding in europe Usa. Japan is calling. Would anyone have any suggestions on booking. There is going to be 8 of us all together. We are wanting to spend a few days in Tokyo either before or after the mountains. Niseko is looking like the resort. Question is do we go with a package company or book ourselves. Do we hire boards or take are own. Be easy not taking them, but would the hire boards be battered and not up for the job. Transfers, Flights, Digs etc any input would be great. Thanks In Advance. Ps IF ANY GROUPS OR INDIVIDUALS ARE PLANNING A SIMILAR TRIP LET ME KNOW.
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  #3  Re: Japan 2018 Help  Posted 26/05/2017 @ 11:54
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Howdy, I did a similar trip this year, here's what we did:

Flew from London-Tokyo (BA flights, indirect via Helsinki to save a couple of hundred quid)
2 nights in Tokyo (stayed here)
Flew up to Sapporo on Vanilla Air
Bus transfer from Sapporo to Niseko (booked via these guys)
5 nights in Niseko (stayed here)
Bus transfer to Rusutsu (regular bus)
3 nights in Rusutsu (stayed here)
Bus transfer to Sapporo (same as the Sapporo-Niseko one)
Flew down to Tokyo
3 nights in Tokyo (stayed here)
Flew home (direct BA flight)

If I had my time over again, I wouldn't bother staying at Rusutsu, just do a day trip there from Niseko, or maybe stay 1 night there since the hotel is mental. Niseko is great but isn't very "Japanese" tbh

All booked DIY-style (flights via BA, Tokyo hotels via hotels.com or direct), all pretty straightforward tbh. We took our boards with us, only slight hitch was navigating through crowds in Tokyo after getting the train into the city with a board bag.

I'd like to do another trip in a couple of years' time to do sightseeing in Osaka/Kyoto/Hiroshima and ride Hakuba (I know they're not particularly close!)
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  #4  Re: Japan 2018 Help  Posted 08/06/2017 @ 18:26
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Thanks for taking time to answer. We are just about ready to book. Plan is 3 nights in Tokyo then 9 nights in niseko. Gone through an agent. Just waiting for a eighth person to confirm hes coming. With just 7 the price is £££££ more.
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  #5  Re: Japan 2018 Help  Posted 12/06/2017 @ 14:11
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Hi mate what dates are you in japan about 25 of us there from 20th jan for 14 days cheers Daz
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  #6  Re: Japan 2018 Help  Posted 26/06/2017 @ 14:08
In reply to post #5...
14 of us booked from the 20th Jan, flying Manchester to Sapporo for 13 nights can't wait. We've just done DIY for everything.
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