JAPAN 2018 - ABS bags vs Jetforce, electric vs gas avi bags?/?

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  Thread Started By:   axel2004   On:   Wednesday 19/07/2017 @ 17:21 Show Newest First    
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  #1  JAPAN 2018 - ABS bags vs Jetforce, electric vs gas avi bags?/?  Posted 19/07/2017 @ 17:21
Hey guys.

Couple of tips needed.
Japan is on for 2018

So issue/question - i'm going to get myself an avi bag.
Obviously the cheapest is the canisters/abs.
I have a good deal on a used ABS/ORTOVOX M.A.S.S. bag...
However is the ABS canister safe to fly, if its taken off me i'm screwed as doesn't look like they sell them in Japan.
Rather do ABS as cheaper by far and also the lighter weight is very appealing for ride quality.

However i may need to shell out for the new electric jet force bags which avoids the canister issue BUT they're way heavier and costlier. Any advice/insight?

I'm also not confident packing an ABS back up but jet force looks easy. I would definitely test fire the ABS and get a new canister as need to be sure i can pack and that it works.

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  #2  Re: JAPAN 2018 - ABS bags vs Jetforce, electric vs gas avi bags?/?  Posted 22/07/2017 @ 16:24
In reply to post #1...
You can easily google down the flying regs. I believe the only place where it's an issue is the USA, but there are ways around that anyway.

Personally I've ridden with various of these and I have some Black Diamond connexions so I really want to like the Jet Force.... but even the Arc packs I played with last year are, as you suggest, huge and heavy. I ride with a shovel pack, but I don't need that much weight. The Original Snowpulse bags were like parachutes - I don't want to go back there.

If I was paying this year I'd go for the Mammut ultralight with a carbon cylinder, which is a reasonable weight all loaded up and does the job. The problem with older gear is that the technology's moving fast, and prices/ weight are dropping quickly, which makes it hard to get a bargain that way.

Don't forget to use the crotch strap though: you'd be surprised how many either don't fasten them or simply chop them.
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  #3  Re: JAPAN 2018 - ABS bags vs Jetforce, electric vs gas avi bags?/?  Posted 02/08/2017 @ 22:39
In reply to post #1...
I flew uk to japan / Hokkaido last 2 years with ortovox abs - with klm and air france and jetstar

I had to notify (airline) klm/air france that I was travelling with abs cannister and trigger - 1 per person as an extra piece of hand luggage. i didn't need to notify jetstar

you can tell airline via messenger and it will appear on your booking as fragile baggage.

allow extra time at airport security as if they don't know about the abs system they get the supervisors to check and can take a bit longer. paris took 30 mins while they took canister away for inspection but that was the only real delay. I was pulled at every baggage check but most staff realised what it was.

take abs flying regulation sheet printed from web and leave it with canister and trigger.

taking mine back again 2018

apparently the jet force batterys are a concern for some airlines - but I cant confirm - just what ive heard.

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  #4  Re: JAPAN 2018 - ABS bags vs Jetforce, electric vs gas avi bags?/?  Posted 03/08/2017 @ 11:39
In reply to post #3...

Sounds like you had it as hand luggage?

I think i'm going ABS as it looks like even if it gets confiscated then the canisters are available in niseko - whereas a lot of brands aren't available in japan.

Any chance you have all the regulations saved and could send them on over via email?
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  #5  Re: JAPAN 2018 - ABS bags vs Jetforce, electric vs gas avi bags?/?  Posted 14/08/2017 @ 22:30
In reply to post #4...
i had abs pack on my back and a hand luggage trolley thing - so 2 carry on bags - I kind of used my abs pack as an accessory bag so I didn't get charged for it.

iata tables - print a couple copies off and keep with the canister and firing charge


ive seen loads of people using these bags out in japan so getting cannisters etc will become less of a problem especially in popular resorts like niseko should you deploy it.

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