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  Thread Started By:   Robbo_123   On:   Monday 04/12/2017 @ 23:29 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Jacket Help!  Posted 04/12/2017 @ 23:29
Hi All,

A brand new snowboarder here, so just looking for some help and input. Looking to buy my first jacket and have a budget of about £200. So far I have narrowed it down to the following;

Burton Dunmore

Wearcolour Raven

686 Prime

I'm totally open to other suggestions though.

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  #2  Re: Jacket Help!  Posted 05/12/2017 @ 03:10
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Check out TK-MAXX. They often sell last season's gear at knock down prices at this time of year.
For Sale:
- HangTime Snowboard Wall Mounts in black or white colours. £25 including UK postage. Just send me a message, or see the classifieds section!
- Giro Basis Goggles (White frame, black strap, gold flowers design, gold / amber lens) £75. See the classifieds section for photos!
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  #3  Re: Jacket Help!  Posted 05/12/2017 @ 13:49
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Go for something with a minimum 10K/10K
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  #4  Re: Jacket Help!  Posted 05/12/2017 @ 14:04
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QUOTE (Barry1864 - 05/12/2017 @ 13:49)


Go for something with a minimum 10K/10K

Thanks! So I have narrowed it down to either the Wearcolour Raven or the Westbeach Cove 2 or Walsh.
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