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  Thread Started By:   sic1978   On:   Tuesday 07/03/2017 @ 10:38 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Hi! and Board choice advice!  Posted 07/03/2017 @ 10:38
Hi guys, Im Si and i am here to pinch some of your guys experience and see what else id out here.
Ive never joined a snowboarding forum before as usually i like to do my own research etc.
I look forwards to seeing what you guys do and think!
However it has been a few years since i last upgraded my ride and some serious chipping to my topsheet of my board (because of her and my mates insisting on being goofy) led my mrs to say that it looked f*****!
I automatically translated this as, "Go n buy a new board, you deserve it....no really."
Now it seems since the last time i bought a plank the world has become flooded with awesome boards and brands and there are no real clear winners.
My former rides are thusly:
An old salomon (cant remember which it got canned pretty quickly once i learnt to ride)
Then a Bataleon Evil twin 159, which i loved until snow and rock ground it flat. (idiots)
then a Bataleon Airobic 155 (which whilst honing my skills i also loved until speed became an issue.)
Now i have my head out of the clouds and firmly rooted on the ground.
I don't intend to hit the big jumps any more and my riding is heading towards a freeride style, Groomers, a little off piste and a few nifty kickers/small jumps should i sail past one.
These days i fly like a wardrobe and because of a long lifetime of high impact sports like motocross, downhill mountain bikes and mountain boards i'm reluctant to pick up too many more injuries. Ive already torn my rotator cuff, broke a collar bone and would happily swap my knees for someone else's.
So mostly i shall be out on the mountain for fun and face melting speed.

So after my waffling, ill get to the point.
I have £500+ to spend on a premium plank.
My thoughts are (and ill be hard to budge on the matter but still want suggestions)

1) the Jones flagship
2) Arbor coda camber premium
3) arbor Bryan iguchi pro camber

All in around a 162W as i want to be on a more stable length as im 1.83m (6'1" ish) and 85kg in weight (13-14stone ish depending on what ive been eating)
The rest of my gear im keeping is,
Union flite (pro? not sure im at work) bindings
and DC mutiny boots.

If anyone has any thoughts/alternatives and pros and cons that would be smahing!
thanks guys!
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