Help me pick a begginner snowboard gear

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  Thread Started By:   lucian   On:   Friday 23/09/2016 @ 19:31 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Help me pick a begginner snowboard gear  Posted 23/09/2016 @ 19:31

I'm a begginner and i would like to buy a snowboard gear within the budget of 400$. i am 1.90m tall and 90 kg. Started boarding 1 year ago.

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  #3  Re: Help me pick a begginner snowboard gear  Posted 25/09/2016 @ 16:58
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Spend your money on boots. Rent the rest for a while.
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  #4  Re: Help me pick a begginner snowboard gear  Posted 15/05/2017 @ 08:40
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I'm also new to snowboarding, having only had one (very good) ski season in Queenstown, New Zealand. I saw and experienced enough there to try my hand at boarding.

Is there a particular type of boot you would recommend for first time boarders? i.e good for learning and of course, falling?

Thanks for any info!
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