Glenshee thurs or Fri

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  Thread Started By:   Will_sco   On:   Monday 18/02/2013 @ 14:56 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Glenshee thurs or Fri  Posted 18/02/2013 @ 14:56
Anybody fancy splitting the petrol costs? I'm in Stirling and fancy a day up there later this week, give me a shout if anyone is interested in heading up, hoping to be there for 9ish n away whenever, ta
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  #2  Re: Glenshee thurs or Fri  Posted 23/02/2013 @ 10:04
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Few flakes of snow here in Stirling this morning, hoping to get up wed or thurs, again none of my mates can manage, i cant be the only one working shifts? so is anyone fancies a lift up?
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  #3  Re: Glenshee thurs or Fri  Posted 23/02/2013 @ 11:30
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Seems you are dude. Wknds only for me
quick, go for it now...before your brain catches up with your balls!!
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