For sale: Scott alpride avalanche rescue bag, ABS, 2018 Brand new RRP £750

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  Thread Started By:   axel2004   On:   Wednesday 10/01/2018 @ 20:01 Show Newest First    
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  #1  For sale: Scott alpride avalanche rescue bag, ABS, 2018 Brand new RRP £750  Posted 10/01/2018 @ 20:01

Brand new! In packaging.
2018 model Scott Alpride 20-litres.
Ready to pull.
I’m throwing in 3 free sets of canisters, giving you a chance to test pull and take 2 with you.
Package worth worth about £750 with the new bag and all of the canisters.

Will let it go for £420 on here which is a bargain i reckon.

Collect newcastle or york,

Can courier if needed.


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