flow step in bindings in powder

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  Thread Started By:   leeh   On:   Monday 14/08/2017 @ 22:30 Show Newest First    
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  #2  flow step in bindings in powder  Posted 14/08/2017 @ 22:30
looking at getting some flow nx2 step in bindings but has anyone got a set and what are they like to get into when its deep? - easier or harder than normal bindings ?

any info would be great before I splurge the cash

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meth mouth
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  #3  Re: flow step in bindings in powder  Posted 17/08/2017 @ 11:11
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Brother has them and didn't have an issue but he's been using step-ins for a while now and once you adjust yourself to them then they're ok. Best thing to do is not fall in powder!!
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  #4  Re: flow step in bindings in powder  Posted 19/08/2017 @ 18:32
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I'm a hard booter, so don't ask me.

But then I rode with Mike Basich who uses flows and he's not too shabby. And there are several other pretty useful people who ride them in heli/cat powder. (laughs) of course if you're any good then you only need to get into the things once per run as you're not going to fall over, but my point is that there's no specific issue with powder for those versus any other type of binding.

If that's what you want, they work as well as anything else, from the perspective of getting in an out, as far as I can tell from watching people do that.
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  #5  Re: flow step in bindings in powder  Posted 20/08/2017 @ 12:24
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I had a pair of old flows years ago and hated them.
The new ones look to be a lot better, but every time I've been stuck in powder, I can easily unclip and step out. You can't easily do that with flows, although the new ones have ratchets so you could prop pop them if your in trouble.
But...... I don't (after having a set) see the point in flows, maybe if riding in a dome all day, but for mountain riding your only saving a few seconds.
Just learn to clip in standing up.
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  #6  Re: flow step in bindings in powder  Posted 21/08/2017 @ 15:39
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Easily step out in Powder ??

You mean a few cms of fresh on a frozen base !

Deep powder your foot and leg will sink up to your nuts and you wont be easily stepping anywhere .
Postholeing yes .....stepping easily... no way you will go anaerobic .

Without highbacks you have nothing to balance against to stand one foot at a time in your bindings in these conditions .

Saw a guy with flows in deep powder that had fallen on small park board .

We ended up doing three tree runs and three chair rides over the top of his ever increasing hole.
He was stuck swearing his head off for a solid 30-45mins while everyone looked and pointed at the fool stuck struggling in deep snow running out of energy.

Never saw him again that day or that season and it was a excellent powder season .
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  #7  Re: flow step in bindings in powder  Posted 21/08/2017 @ 15:48
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I'll rephrase that

It's possible to dig till you find your feet, unclip fairly easily and swim out.
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  #8  Re: flow step in bindings in powder  Posted 21/08/2017 @ 16:47
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Seeing jib/park board riders floundering like a dying fish is so satisfying I cant begin to explain .

I have payed my equipment dues, the piper is payed in full so now I tend see fools gold for my powder purposes .
Others will vary but its smarter to go with the time tested proven hardgoods for any endurance sport.
If your doing 2 runs in open vis low angle boot top powder with a base .... fine except the guy mentioned above was born in a ski resort so what chance do entry riders really have ?
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  #9  Re: flow step in bindings in powder  Posted 01/09/2017 @ 13:59
In reply to post #2...

flow binding are no use for powder, I took a set to lake Louise with my union bindings and they went back in the bag for the holiday after day one

if you are on a steep slope and powder, really difficult to get boots in and out.

ideal for beginner slopes and indoor slopes no use for off piste

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